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Configuring Flow Offloading on MX Series Routers

The Junos OS enables you to configure flow offloading for PICS on MX Series routers using Modular Port Concentrator (MPCs) with Modular Interface Cards (MICs). Flows are offloaded to Fast Update Filters (FUFs) on the Packet Forwarding Engine. Offloading produces the greatest benefits when applied to long-lasting or high-bandwidth flows.

The maximum number of active offloads is 200,000 per PIC. When offloaded flows are deleted, more flows can be offloaded.

To configure flow offloading:

  • At the [edit interfaces interface-name services-options] hierarchy level, enter the trio-flow-offload minimum-bytes minimum-bytes statement.

    In the following example, flows are offloaded when they consist of no less than 1024 bytes: