As the threat landscape evolves and security risks accelerate, you can no longer rely on a single device at the network edge to identify and block threats. Instead, you need a threat-aware network that frees your security analysts to focus on hunting unknown threats and further reduces risk to your organization.

SecIntel enables the threat-aware network with a feed of aggregated and verified security data continuously collected from Juniper and multiple other sources. It delivers regularly updated, actionable intelligence to your SRX Series firewalls, MX Series routers and enforcement on Juniper wireless access points, and EX Series and QFX Series switches.

Key Features

  • Uses curated threat feeds on malicious IPs, URLs, certificate hashes, and domain uses 
  • Infected host and custom threat feeds of all known infected hosts on your network
  • Allows data from third-party sources, such as industry-specific threat mitigation and prevention input, through custom threat feeds

Features + Benefits

Threat Intelligence

Provides continuously updated, actionable security intelligence curated and validated by Juniper Threat Labs; supports industry-specific threat mitigation and prevention through custom third-party sources.

Detection and Enforcement

Enables you to identify, monitor passively, and block known threats at the firewall, WAN edge, and across wired and wireless networks.

Threat Logging

Delivers threat log data to Juniper Secure Analytics as well as third-party SIEM and log management solutions.

99.9% Security Effectiveness

Juniper received an “AAA” rating in CyberRatings’ 2023 Enterprise Network Firewall Report, demonstrating a 99.9% exploit block rate with zero false positives.

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Beeline automates its network to help customers improve workforce agility

Consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, and other non-employees are a vital part of the global workforce. Beeline, a leader in extended workforce management software, helps companies acquire this type of talent and improve visibility and controls over their contingent workers.

An agile, automated, and threat-aware network from Juniper supports Beeline’s AI-powered SaaS platform and its global business operations as more companies and people seek flexible work.

Beeline Image

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