Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks 

In the Lab with Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim: 400G PTX10008

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Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks, standing next to shelves with computer monitors and hardware parts, gesturing while talking in a video to someone offscreen about Juniper router capabilities.

Demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of this high-performance router

Go inside the Juniper Networks Sunnyvale lab with CEO Rami Rahim as he gets a firsthand look at the “next-gen, super-awesome” 400G PTX10008 packet transport router.

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You’ll learn

  • The number of terabytes the system can handle per second (hint: it’s a lot)

  • Why the PTX10008 is essential for running mission-critical traffic

  • How you can turn on encryption without sacrificing performance

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Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks



00:02 so i'm here in a sunnyvale lab

00:04 where we are developing our next-gen

00:07 super awesome 400 gig capable router

00:09 joining me is ranjit who is a principal

00:12 engineer

00:13 and a leader on this project it's great

00:15 to have you here

00:16 hi remy it's absolutely a pleasure to

00:18 have you in our lab

00:20 tell me a little bit about the this

00:21 project what i have to show you here is

00:24 we have a next-gen ptx 1008 system with

00:27 upgraded fabric power and cooling system

00:30 it comes with eight line cards each line

00:33 curve comes with 36 400 ports

00:35 okay so there are total of 288

00:38 400 ports on the system how many

00:41 terabits of traffic does that add up to

00:44 115 terabit per second okay that's so

00:47 this is a

00:48 pretty high performance router we're

00:49 talking about here right okay now can we

00:51 run some traffic through it

00:53 to see what the actual performance of

00:54 the system is sure

00:56 so Rami we have set up our juniper

00:59 control health bot

01:00 plugged into our device to monitor the

01:03 device live

01:04 and we've been running the traffic full

01:06 load traffic that is 115 terabit per

01:09 second

01:10 okay and i want to show you the graph

01:12 here the graph here on the left

01:14 is the total input traffic the graph on

01:17 the right is the total output traffic so

01:20 essentially the input graph and the up

01:22 graph look exactly the same where is the

01:24 graph that shows the number of packets

01:25 that are dropped there is zero packet

01:26 drop

01:27 no packet right now back and forth maybe

01:28 that was a little bit of a softball

01:30 because this is not the first time we've

01:31 developed

01:32 a line rate router before this just

01:34 happens to be

01:35 a very fast line rate router and talk

01:39 to our customers around the globe our

01:40 service provider our cloud

01:42 government customers they all tell me

01:45 that the kind of traffic that they're

01:46 running over these networks is

01:47 mission critical in many cases our

01:50 health

01:51 our safety our lives depends on this

01:53 connectivity and the traffic that runs

01:55 over these networks

01:56 and so security and encryption becomes

02:00 really important so can you do me a

02:01 favor insert another line card

02:04 that supports encryption and i'd like to

02:06 see what the performance would look like

02:08 in that scenario absolutely i mean and i

02:10 know you will

02:11 like to see this that's why what i have

02:13 done is i have enabled

02:14 uh maxic encryption on a 400 gig port

02:18 with liner traffic and i would like to

02:20 show you this is another line card or

02:22 is this the same line card with

02:24 encryption enabled

02:26 it's the same line card it's just a

02:28 software knob enabled

02:30 which enables the encryption with line

02:31 rate traffic okay so

02:33 what happens to the performance there is

02:35 not no packet drop at all

02:37 you will see foreign gig throughput even

02:39 with encryption enabled okay my mind is

02:41 blown this is truly game changing you're

02:44 telling me i can tell my customers

02:46 they can just turn on encryption without

02:49 any sort of sacrifice or

02:51 compromise to the performance of the

02:52 system not even

02:54 a meaningful power hit to the system

02:56 that's correct that

02:57 is unbelievable great work ranjit

03:10 you

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