Dani Aiello, Product Marketing Manager, Automated WAN Solutions Group

Making 400G Waves: PTX10004 Modular Router

400G & 800G
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A large computer hardware module with several ports. Text on the right reads: Scalability and Performance. Uses Juniper Networks Triton silicon, 57.6 Tbps of throughput, Efficient power and cooling with 0.14 W per Gigabit, Native MACsec 400GBE and 100 GbE line cards. PTX10004 Packet Transport Router and Juniper logo.

400G: Scale efficiently without breaking the bank

How do you affordably address massive bandwidth demands as we move further into the 5G, AI, and Cloud eras? Watch as Dani Aiello from Juniper Networks explains how we’re leading in the 400G space by delivering scale, efficiency, and savings with the PTX10004 modular router.

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You’ll learn

  • How the PTX10004 enhances scalability and performance

  • How Juniper specialized chips and custom Triton Silicon can optimize the PTX10004

  • How Juniper’s pay-as-you-grow licensing model can work for you

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Business Leaders Network Professionals


Dani Aiello - Headshot
Dani Aiello
Product Marketing Manager, Automated WAN Solutions Group, Juniper Networks


00:05 Hi, my name is Dani Aiello, Product  Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks,  

00:10 part of the Automated WAN Solutions Group Today, our customers continue to combat  

00:16 bandwidth growth combined with flat revenues.  We see these challenges only growing as we  

00:22 further move into the 5G, AI, and Cloud era. Now this places 400G technology directly at  

00:29 the center of both challenge and solution –  scale efficiently without breaking the bank. 

00:35 400G becomes more than speeds and feeds, it’s  about the benefit that ‘fatter pipes’ brings  

00:41 to core networks - Lower cost per bit, fewer  ports to manage, and heightened power efficiency 

00:48 I’d like to show you how Juniper  is leading in this space. 

00:51 Last year, Juniper was first  to deliver 400G to market  

00:56 with our PTX10003 fixed configuration router And we continue to lead in scale up and scale  

01:03 out architectures across the world’s largest  cloud hyperscaler and service provider networks 

01:09 We’re excited to expand our modular 400G routing  portfolio with the PTX10004 modular chassis,  

01:18 scaling to 57.6 terabits in a compact 7 RU box Sharing the same power supplies, routing engines,  

01:27 and line cards as the PTX10008 and PTX10016, the  PTX10004 delivers the scale, power efficiency,  

01:35 and ultra-high density that users need Now we understand that 400G does not  

01:40 fully solve the challenges that come with  transitioning and scaling an entire network 

01:46 To aid with the transition,  and enhance the PTX10004,  

01:50 Juniper is pleased to offer two 400GE  capable line cards for the modular PTX series 

01:57 The best part? It’s the same chipset, same  technology, same reliable software - doubled 

02:03 This 4.8Terabit per second line  card is optimized for 100G,  

02:08 but with 400G port options – ideal for low power  aggregation, core, and data center networks

02:15 And our powerhouse 14.4 terabit line card is  the best 400G-optimized card on the market  

02:22 for challenging core, peering,  and spine environments 

02:26 Both line cards are powered by Juniper’s  custom Triton silicon: the only in the  

02:31 industry to offer native 400G in-line MACsec…. ..that’s security without performance penalty  

02:39 for 30% power savings and 15% component  cost savings over any 2-chip solution. 

02:46 leaving plenty left over to support  your many streaming subscriptions  

02:50 before the kids drive you crazy What’s more, Juniper has a pay as you  

02:55 grow licensing model – buy any 400G platform and  pay only for the bandwidth and features you need 

03:02 At an equipment refresh cycle now, but  don’t quite need the full capacity today?  

03:08 Easy – pay for what you need right now,  and you have the power to scale further  

03:12 at any point in the future  without any hardware changes 

03:15 The PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 are the  trifecta powerhouse of routing in this cloud era. 

03:23 Whether you’re looking for scale in  core, peering, or data center networks,  

03:27 Juniper is ready to get you there. Ready to find out more?

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