Dani Aiello, Product Marketing Manager, Automated WAN Solutions Group, Juniper Networks

Making 400G Waves: PTX10001-36MR FFF Router

400G & 800G
Dani Aiello - Headshot
Dani Aiello, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks, wearing a shirt with the Juniper logo and standing next to a PTX router.

See how Juniper PXT routers prepare you for the unexpected

You can’t plan for everything. Or can you? In this video, Dani Aiello, part of Juniper’s Automated WAN Solutions Group, shows how Juniper’s high-performance PTX routers are designed to handle whatever may come next across systems, software, and security. 

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You’ll learn

  • Network solutions for scaling higher and converging faster

  • How the PTX10001 router is tiny — but mighty

  • Flexible licensing options for PTX routers that just make sense

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Dani Aiello - Headshot
Dani Aiello
Product Marketing Manager, Automated WAN Solutions Group, Juniper Networks



00:03 hi

00:04 everyone i'm danny aiello part of

00:06 juniper network's automated weighing

00:08 solutions group

00:09 personally i like to be prepared and i

00:12 want to be sure my network is too

00:14 unfortunately i can't pack my network an

00:16 extra pair of shoes and cases get wet

00:19 but luckily juniper ptx routers come

00:22 prepared

00:23 designed for the unexpected to happen

00:25 let me show you how

00:27 5g iot and cloud computing continue to

00:30 drive traffic demands

00:32 and from a core perspective we're

00:33 talking significant capacity expansion

00:36 to handle this traffic that's why

00:38 juniper ptx solutions exist today

00:41 for both scale up and scale out

00:43 architectures

00:44 you can deploy these new fabric-based

00:46 designs to help you scale higher

00:48 and converge faster and one of those

00:50 solutions i have with me right here

00:52 the ptx 1001 36mr

00:56 talk about small but mighty this 100 gig

00:59 optimized 400 gig capable box packs in

01:02 9.6 terabytes capacity

01:04 into a 1ru fixed form factor deployable

01:07 in pairing

01:08 aggregation cdn dci

01:11 even metro environments with zrzr plus

01:14 support

01:15 ptx is designed for the unexpected

01:18 across

01:18 systems silicon software and security

01:22 prepared to help you transition

01:24 seamlessly from 100 gig to 400 gig

01:27 prepared to bring integrated security to

01:29 your network

01:30 and prepared for an unexpected traffic

01:32 boom

01:33 only thing it's not prepared for is a

01:35 surprise visit from the in-laws but

01:37 who is and at juniper we're focused on

01:39 elevating our customers experience

01:42 that's why we've created flexible

01:43 licensing options that just make sense

01:46 ptx offers a pay-as-you-go deal to focus

01:49 only on the features and bandwidth that

01:51 you need today

01:52 let's get real about pricing it should

01:54 be easy

01:56 now it is pay only for what you need how

01:59 much you need

02:00 how long you need it simple right we

02:03 think so too

02:04 and the ptx 2001 36mr

02:07 is the perfect small form factor capable

02:09 of huge scale

02:11 use the pg license to pay for 100 gig

02:13 port use today

02:15 pay for 400 gig port use later when

02:16 you're ready without having to upgrade

02:19 any hardware or any software it brings

02:22 agility to the unknown

02:23 with 400 gig inline max deck open

02:26 and programmable genos os and

02:28 non-blocking fabrics

02:30 so that your network can truly operate

02:32 at its best

02:33 i dare you to show me another 400 gig

02:35 platform

02:36 fit for the world's largest data centers

02:38 that can scale this high

02:40 and looks this good the unexpected can

02:43 happen at any second

02:44 so make sure your network is prepared

02:46 with ptx

02:55 wow

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