Cloud Metro

Deliver exceptional user experiences over a converged, service-intelligent network.

Metro traffic is growing four times faster than in any other network segment, and legacy networks are struggling to meet ultra-low latency application demands. With resources becoming distributed and the lines between domains blurring, siloed  architectures for business, residential, and mobile services no longer make operational sense.

These conditions demand a metro network that performs like a cloud data center fabric. Juniper’s Cloud Metro solution is built on a massively scalable IP services fabric that dynamically steers traffic along the most efficient path and uses end-to-end closed-loop automation to maximize efficiencies. 

How Juniper can help

Our cloud metro architecture gives you the power to deliver consistent, assured distributed cloud user experiences. Through network slicing, service-aware technologies, and cloud-scale capabilities, you can meet or exceed expectations for every service while eliminating the cost and complexity of siloed metro architectures and operations.

Enable network transformation

New 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and low-latency services supported by the scalable, automated Juniper Cloud Metro solution enable service providers and large enterprises to transform their networks and play a more prominent (and profitable) role in the digital ecosystem.

Automate and scale 5G services

Move up to cloud-scale link and interface speeds. You gain the latest in pluggable transceiver technologies on metro platforms that meet the stringent timing and synchronization requirements of low-latency 5G enterprise services. All our metro platforms offer consistency in automation, Junos OS, and other features and capabilities.

Cloud-scale security

Protect users, applications, and infrastructure by extending security to all points of connection with Juniper Connected Security on our Cloud Metro platforms. In addition to firewalls, we use the entire network infrastructure to detect threats on multiple fronts, so you can reliably protect against even the most advanced attacks.

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