Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks

Making the Case for Cloud Metro

Global Summit 2021 Cloud Metro5G
Rami Rahim
Rami Rahim, Juniper CEO stands in front of a wall with concentric circles, talking in a video about how Cloud Metro helps simplifies network architectures and management. On the left is a cloud graphic with the words Cloud Metro and three graphic boxes on its edge: Converged Network, Distributed services, New Capacity & Architectures.

You can’t build a 5G network without building a metro access network.

The emergence of 5G, IoT, and distributed edge services is forcing the convergence of metro, edge, and cloud.  All this disruption has made metro a hotbed of innovation and transformation. Networks primarily designed for connectivity will not keep pace as service level agreements evolve. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to be strategic to optimize performance

  • What the new benchmarks are for service assurance

  • What the pursuit of experience-first networking looks like

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Rami Rahim
Rami Rahim
CEO, Juniper Networks


00:00 [Music]

00:05 simply put

00:06 you can't build a robust 5g network

00:09 without building a metro access and

00:12 aggregation

00:13 network that's capable of dealing with

00:15 the vast increases in scale

00:18 capacity and new service expectations

00:21 that 5g

00:22 promises in many ways the metro has

00:25 become the new

00:26 high performance and intelligent edge

00:29 as a result analyst firm acg predicts

00:33 that by the year 2025 the combined

00:36 average

00:36 monthly mobile and fixed broadband

00:39 traffic

00:39 per user on the metro will increase

00:42 nearly four times

00:44 making this one of the fastest growing

00:46 sub-segments

00:48 of the land this means we must

00:51 rethink how the metro is built

00:54 to prepare for all of the opportunities

00:57 and use cases 5g will unlock

01:01 and as i've said earlier this isn't

01:03 about

01:04 throwing more boxes at the problem

01:07 the new challenge is in reinventing the

01:10 network to deliver more than just

01:11 connectivity

01:13 our strategy for the automated wan is to

01:16 go beyond

01:16 simplifying operations we want to give

01:19 service providers the ability

01:21 to do more than just sell connectivity

01:24 but to also offer assured experiences to

01:27 end users

01:28 why because service providers have said

01:31 that improving the customer experience

01:33 is actually

01:34 the top strategic priority for them

01:38 according to a global study of telco

01:40 priorities from

01:41 ernest and young a higher priority than

01:45 just cost controls a higher priority

01:47 than organizational agility

01:48 and an even more than network upgrades

01:52 experience matters more than ever

01:55 especially at a time

01:57 when user expectations are at an

02:00 all-time high

02:01 and attention spans at an all-time low

02:05 we've been working diligently to evolve

02:08 the needs of our metro

02:09 with a new solution that we just

02:11 announced this morning

02:13 to help our customers simplify network

02:15 architectures

02:16 and service provisioning the new

02:19 cloud metro as we call it combines the

02:23 raw horsepower

02:24 of our industry-leading routers with the

02:26 automation

02:27 prowess of our juniper paragon

02:30 automation suite

02:31 to give our service provider customers a

02:34 much simpler path

02:35 to fully assured and intent driven

02:38 service delivery life cycles

02:40 but what does all of that mean it means

02:43 you can focus

02:44 on driving your business forward not

02:46 worry about the manual specifics of

02:48 deploying and provisioning

02:51 it means you can innovate new services

02:53 to delight

02:54 end users and exceed their expectations

02:57 it means you can change the experience

03:00 of the network

03:02 and as many of you likely saw last year

03:05 we acquired net rounds now called

03:07 paragon active assurance

03:09 to give the solution portfolio a clear

03:12 edge

03:13 it gives our customers the ability to go

03:15 from just offering basic connectivity

03:18 to actively assuring the highest quality

03:20 of experience

03:21 possible to your end users

03:26 take for instance orange egypt a service

03:29 provider with over 30 million

03:31 subscribers

03:32 in the middle east said about using

03:34 peregrine active assurance

03:36 our operations and engineering teams can

03:40 locate and

03:40 fix issues before they impact our

03:43 subscribers quality of experience

03:46 typically telecom assurance solutions

03:47 take months to deploy

03:49 but we completed this deployment project

03:52 in

03:52 record breaking time metro networks

03:56 are about to get a lot more exciting and

03:59 juniper

04:00 is ready to lead the way

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