Manoj Leelanivas, EVP, Chief Product Officer, Juniper Networks

Hyperscaling IBM Cloud's Growth Through the Data Center | Juniper Global Summit

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Manoj Leelanivas

IBM to customers: How can we help?

After Ravi Amanaganti, VP/GM for IBM Hybrid Cloud Network, reached out to customers to ask them, ‘how can we help?’ IBM got to work solving the answers.  In response, IBM is the first company to announce an industry cloud for financial services. 


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You’ll learn

  • How IBM helps customers migrate to the cloud while reducing operational costs

  • The three problems every enterprise faces

  • How enterprises stay competitive amidst continuous change

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Manoj Leelanivas
Manoj Leelanivas
EVP, Chief Product Officer, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Ravi Amanaganti
Ravi Amanaganti
IBM Cloud