Mike Bushong, VP, Cloud-Ready Data Center, Juniper Networks

Cloud-Ready Data Center Solutions for Private and Public Environments | Juniper Global Summit

Global Summit Data Center
Mike Bushong

Move beyond just building better networks.

Rethink data center operations by automating the entire network lifecycle in a single, turnkey system for design, deployment, and closed-loop assurance. See automation in action with Juniper’s Apstra demo challenge and learn about our data center strategy and recent innovations from Juniper leaders.

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You’ll learn

  • How to rethink networking

  • What is means to be experience first

  • The definition of operations

Who is this for?

Security Professionals Network Professionals


Mike Bushong
Mike Bushong
VP, Cloud-Ready Data Center, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Mansour Karam
Mansour Karam
VP of Products, Juniper Networks
Scott Sneddon
Scott Sneddon
Juniper Networks