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Data Center Networks

Simplify operations and assure experiences with the modern, automated data center.

Juniper helps you automate the entire network lifecycle to simplify design, deployment, and operations and provide continuous validation.

Delivering assured experiences, for both applications and operators, requires rethinking data center operations. Simplify and automate your operations from design to deployment (Day 0 and 1) through everyday operations and assurance with the turnkey Juniper Apstra. Customers have achieved 90% faster time to deployment, 70% faster time to resolution, and 83% OpEx reduction.

Apstra ties the architect’s design to everyday operations with a single source of truth, continuous validation, and powerful analytics and root cause analysis.  The Juniper switching, routing, and security platforms stand apart in their robust capabilities and scale, including complete EVPN-VXLAN, IP fabric, and threat-prevention capabilities. And the richness of Juniper's telemetry combined with open programmability of the Junos OS makes it easier than ever to adapt your data center to ever-changing business needs.

How Juniper can help

Success in digital business demands agility alongside reliability and security. Juniper helps you modernize and automate your data center infrastructure and operations. 

Continuous automation and validation

Rethink data center operations by automating the entire network lifecycle in a single, turnkey system for design, deployment, and continuous validation. Start by specifying the outcomes you want, and Apstra will then set up the network, assure it runs as intended, alert you when brownouts or deviations occur, and manage changes and maintenance.

Flexible and open fabrics

Standards-based and automated network fabrics deliver scalability, reliability, and non-blocking, predictable performance, along with agility. Juniper’s QFX, PTX, and ACX Series continue to lead the industry with best-in-class throughput and scalability, including 400G interfaces, renowned routing, the open programmability of the Junos OS, and comprehensive EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabric capabilities.

Network policy and control

Contrail Networking provides dynamic end-to-end networking policy and control for any cloud, any workload, and any deployment, from a single user interface. It translates abstract workflows into specific policies, simplifying the orchestration of virtual overlay connectivity across all environments.

Unified security

With Juniper Connected Security, you can safeguard your users, applications, data, and infrastructure across all network connection points. In addition, you can use Contrail Networking to consistently define, manage, enforce, and view policies across your entire application-oriented overlay network from a central location.

Data center edge and interconnect

Connect data centers to one another, public clouds and the internet with Juniper options for data center edge and interconnect. Juniper’s QFX, PTX, and ACX Series lead the industry with best-in-class throughput and scalability, including 400G interfaces, renowned  routing, the open programmability of the Junos OS, and comprehensive EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabric capabilities.

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Cloud Native

Cloud-native applications exploit the dynamic resource availability and scalability of modern clouds. Distributed and microservices-based in nature, they consist of workloads that run across multiple domains, requiring that their associated networking and security policies dynamically follow them.

Data Center Interconnect

First-generation DCI solutions address scalability constraints with inflexible, proprietary network elements and control software. Juniper’s DCI solutions break through those limitations.

Automated Data Center Fabrics

Standards-based network fabric architectures help your data center scale while increasing reliability and agility through automation. This solution brings together the automated and assured operations of Juniper Apstra for multivendor networks with Juniper’s scalable and programmable switching platforms.


Juniper offers the industry’s most comprehensive and high-performing 400G routing and switching platforms: PTX Series Packet Transport Routers, MX Series Universal Routing Platforms, ACX Series Universal Metro Routers, and QFX Series Switches. These platforms increase efficiencies throughout your infrastructure while keeping your network secure and highly customizable.


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