New Era of Data Center Management: Any Vendor, Any Topology, Any Data Center

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Demand more from your network.

The only data center management software that works with any vendor, including Cisco, Arista, SONiC, and Juniper.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Apstra will improve data center management

  • Running a complex data center can be easier

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0:00 data runs everything from business deals

0:03 to government contracts from telescopes

0:05 light years away to fido's food delivery

0:07 from streamers to content creators data

0:09 powers every important decision and

0:12 everyone wants it faster

0:13 let's be honest running this complex

0:16 operation isn't easy

0:18 current networking solutions are a

0:19 cobbled together mix of operating

0:20 systems complex proprietary inefficient

0:23 and rigid

0:24 which means you are locked in with

0:26 vendors struggling to innovate and

0:27 spending more time putting out fires

0:29 than moving to the next big thing

0:33 up until now you've been told this is

0:35 the best it can be

0:36 [Music]

0:38 but it doesn't have to be this way

0:40 juniper abstra brings ease simplicity

0:42 and efficiency it's one tool to manage

0:45 your whole data center network

0:47 with appstra you get the flexibility to

0:49 work with any solution the ability to

0:51 optimize and make changes reliably with

0:53 minimal downtime solving network issues

0:55 fast

0:56 so relax your life just got easier

1:00 one platform for any vendor any network

1:03 design any data center

1:05 juniper appstra demand more from your

1:07 network

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