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Data Center Interconnect

Simplify DCI design, deployment, and operations.

In the multicloud era, enterprises, cloud providers, and service providers need data center interconnect (DCI) networks that scale and adapt as quickly as their business and operational demands change.

With Juniper’s DCI solution, you gain the versatility to interconnect data centers with the right combination of DCI-optimized packet, security, and virtualization technologies. The Juniper DCI environment is unconstrained by vendor lock-in, scalability limitations, and interoperability challenges.

Man fix server network in data center room

How Juniper can help

Juniper addresses DCI deployments for all kinds of use cases with a range of IP/MPLS and EVPN-VXLAN architectural options.

An engineer going over data center interconnect flexibility with their team in a room filled with switches and routers.

Interconnect flexibility

Choose from open, standards-based DCI technology options for EVPN-VXLAN (over the top or VXLAN stitching) and IP/MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs over Ethernet and optical interfaces.

An operator working on their desktop computer inside a robust data center.

Simple, reliable deployments

Juniper’s DCI solution simplifies configurations, increases scalability and resiliency, and connects critical business applications across locations. We assure reliability by providing validated designs you can use to deploy standardized configurations across data centers and by continuously validating the state of your DCI across its entire lifecycle, from Day 0 through Day 2+.  

A long, dark data center hallway filled with routing and switching platforms on the walls.

Defy infrastructure limits

Innovate at the pace of your business with a strong underlay foundation using our highly scalable PTX Series, MX Series, and QFX Series routing and switching platforms.

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