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How does HRB perform Data Center Interconnect?

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A still from Wen Lin’s presentation shows her picture at the top while she shares her screen with a slide with the title, “How does HRB perform data center interconnect?” Below that it reads, Data center interconnect without L2 stretch EVPN type 5 with VXLAN or MPLS .” Then there are two boxes that illustrate the IT Fabric, with gray horizontal boxes and lines pointing everywhere. Below that are three boxes with cRPD worker nodes and three more on the other side and in between them it says, “Multi-hop EBGP session EVPN Type-5.”

Data Center QoD #6: How does HRB perform data center interconnect?

In the final video in the Data Center Question of the Day series, Juniper Distinguished Engineer Wen Lin shows you how HRB performs data center interconnect (DCI) in the cloud-native environment. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to use host router bridging to connect different parts of the network 

  • How running EVPN in the pod will act as a data center gateway 

  • An example case using DCI without L2 stretch EVPN type 5 with VXLAN or MPLS  

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Eric Stinson Headshot
Eric Stinson
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks 

Guest speakers

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Wen Lin
Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks 


0:00 [Music]

0:12 hi this is eric stinson from juniper's

0:14 product marketing team uh back for

0:16 another question of the day in our evpn

0:18 host router bridging series with wen lin

0:20 one of our distinguished engineers

0:22 welcome back gwen hi eric thank you for

0:25 the introductions yes absolutely um so

0:29 today our question is uh hopefully a

0:32 simple one and it is how does host

0:34 routed bridging perform data center

0:36 interconnect with evpn running in the

0:39 data center sometimes there is a need to

0:41 interconnect different parts or

0:44 different data center through evpn

0:47 and we can do that through host router

0:50 bridging so today i'm going to talk

0:52 about a case

0:54 where

0:55 for each part or data center need a data

0:58 center interconnect there is a known

1:01 layer to stretch across the parts or

1:04 data center

1:05 evpn host router bridging not only

1:08 support layer 2 evpn routing in the

1:11 region and also support layer 3 evpn

1:15 through evpn type 5

1:17 to interconnect different parts

1:19 one after work nodes on the compute node

1:23 running evpn in the pod will be act as a

1:26 data center gateway and the cipd will

1:29 establish ebtp sessions between the

1:32 gateways

1:34 among different parts

1:36 and we're using evpn

1:38 type 5 to interconnect parts or data

1:42 center together and achieved

1:45 data center interconnect for evpn

1:48 great thank you one for that explanation

1:50 um you know this has been a great series

1:52 on uh

1:54 evpn host router bridging and you know i

1:56 think we've learned a lot and uh you

1:58 know maybe we'll have some more

2:00 questions in the future or maybe this

2:02 will wrap it up so thank you very much

2:03 for your time on all of these and uh

2:06 thank everybody for watching thank you

2:08 eric

2:13 [Music]

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