Juniper Apstra

Use Juniper Apstra intent-based networking software to automate and validate the design, deployment, and operations of your data center network in multivendor environments. Apstra accelerates everyday operations with a single source of truth, powerful analytics, and root-cause identification, so you can quickly pinpoint and resolve issues.

For management of EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabrics, Apstra significantly reduces deployment times with validated templates and zero-touch provisioning (ZTP). It also averts outages with predictive insights, shortens time to resolution, and diminishes human error with change control and fast, all-network rollback.

Key Features

  • Intent-based network design and operations
  • Support for multivendor environments
  • Automated zero-touch deployment
  • Continuous validation
  • Intent Time Voyager for network rollback
  • Lifecycle network management
  • Advanced telemetry through intent-based analytics and root-cause identification
  • Cohesive security policy definition and enforcement
  • Support for modern network platforms in data centers of any scale, including edge data centers

Features + Benefits

Reliable, Automated Operations

Automate network deployment and operations through validated and repeatable designs, along with predictive analysis and proactive alerts of deviations. 

Simplicity and Flexibility

Manage workflows easily, even with minimal networking expertise, by automating manual tasks and eliminating vendor-specific configurations.

Enhanced Network Security

Track the origin of network changes and ensure granular enforcement where needed. You can use intent-based policy assurance, connectivity restrictions for multitenant environments, and enhanced role-based access control (RBAC) to create blueprint-specific roles.

Resource Efficiencies

Utilize IT resources efficiently with validated designs and automated and assured operations that use a single source of truth for knowledge retention and verify changes against intent.

Speed and Agility

Implement network changes faster with change control and validation, along with compliance auditing, for a scalable and versatile network. You’ll also significantly improve service delivery times, reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), and shorten maintenance windows.

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As one of Japan’s largest ISPs, Yahoo! Japan carries massive amounts of data that continue to increase. It needed to scale its data center network to efficiently handle the skyrocketing volume of data generated by business growth while operating with a limited number of staff.

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