Vodafone Turkey Prepares for Growth with Automated, Multivendor Data Center

Vodafone aims to become Turkey’s fastest-growing digital services company. The service provider is banking on 5G to drive economic impact, not only for its own business but for the whole country.

To prepare for growth, Vodafone Turkey automated operations of its corporate data center environment, enabling greater reliability, simplicity, and flexibility for its business applications and services.


Company Vodafone Turkey
Industry Service Provider
Products used Juniper ApstraQFX5100EX3400
Region EMEA
Vodafone Turkey Hero
Customer Success At-a-glance

Serves 25 million mobile subscribers and 1.2 million corporate customers.

Highest growth in service revenues within Vodafone Group

Prepare business for rapid 5G service growth

Automate corporate data centers to maximize reliability and simplify operations


Automating to meet digital demand

To prepare for growing digital demand, Vodafone set out to modernize its corporate data centers.

The data centers run business operations such as customer service, billing, finance, human resources, and sales and marketing. They also host operational support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS) for the provider’s fixed, mobile, content, cloud, data center, and IoT services. 

Moving from a legacy data center network architecture to a highly scalable, flexible IP fabric would support business growth and operational efficiency. Automating the data center with a multi-vendor solution would also enable Vodafone to break free of a single-vendor network. 

Vodafone Turkey Challenge

Maximize data center reliability and simplify operations

Vodafone Turkey chose Juniper Apstra to simplify and facilitate data center lifecycle management. Despite a longstanding history with a single incumbent network vendor, Vodafone made a bold decision to add Juniper for data center switching  to deliver greater scale and design flexibility.

Vodafone now uses Juniper Apstra to automate its multi-vendor network, maximizing reliability and simplifying operations across three data centers. Apstra software automates and validates the multi-vendor network design, deployment, and operations and provides a single source of truth, powerful analytics, and root cause identification across the mixed environment.

At the foundation, Juniper QFX Series Switches deliver a future-proof, scalable EVPN-VXLAN IP fabric with threat prevention capabilities in two data centers. 

Vodafone Turkey Solution

Freed from the grip of a single-vendor network

Apstra allows Vodafone Turkey to automate its data center network environment across the entire lifecycle.

The advantages of intent-based networking started with the design and deployment of the multi-vendor fabric. Instead of a painstaking manual approach, the network planning and engineering teams used Apstra blueprints to start with the outcomes they wanted and let Apstra configure a multi-vendor network. 

Apstra continuously validates that the data center fabric is running as intended, ensuring that Vodafone’s enterprise applications run smoothly. Apstra proactively alerts the operations team to anomalies and manages network changes and maintenance. 

Apstra empowers Vodafone to choose  switches that best fit the intended data center designs. It’s no longer beholden to a single vendor’s architecture, CLI, or product roadmap, enabling greater possibilities for innovation.

Vodafone Turkey Outcome
“Intent-based networking and operations with Juniper Apstra allow us to assure the reliable operations of our multivendor data centers.”
Ahmet Ozturk Senior Manager, Planning, Vodafone Turkey

Published July 2022