Juniper Session Smart Router

The Juniper Session Smart Router fuels an advanced, service-centric networking solution that takes software-defined routing and SD-WAN to a new level. Ideal for today’s digital businesses, the Session Smart Router enables agile, secure, and resilient WAN connectivity with breakthrough economics and simplicity.

The router transcends inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of conventional networking products and legacy SD-WAN solutions. It delivers a flexible, application-aware network fabric that meets stringent enterprise performance, security, and availability requirements. The Session Smart Router is software-based and deployable on white-box CPE, data center network servers, and the cloud. It can be fully managed and orchestrated with Juniper’s Session Smart Conductor.

Key Features

  • Application-aware routing
  • Fail-safe service delivery
  • Orchestration and automation
  • Zero Trust security

Features + Benefits

Optimized for User Experience

The only product in the industry with a network routing fabric expressly designed to connect users with unparalleled experience, not just to connect devices.

Breakthrough Economics

Tunnel-less architecture enables up to 75% reduction in headend infrastructure costs and 30 to 50% reduction in bandwidth costs.

Visibility and Insights

Delivers richer and more granular services and sessions than packet-based router solutions.

Zero Trust Security

The zero-touch fabric imbues secure vector routing with access control, directionality, and segmentation policy.

Scale and Speed

Routing fabric rapidly scales to thousands of sites while accelerating services deployment through centralized orchestration of global policies.


Session-smart fabric maintains session, tenant, and dynamic workload context end to end; makes the network more responsive to conditions in the underlay.

Application Awareness and Control

Supports load balancing and traffic steering based on the session policies and network status.

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