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Product Overview

The Juniper Session Smart Router’s Advanced Security Pack integrates security functionality into the routing fabric. The unique, state-of-the-art security offering provides:

  • URL filtering to prevent access to and from specific sites and to meet special business requirements
  • An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) to protect against advanced malicious attacks. 
  • An extensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) signature database for state-of-the-art protection against the most up-to-date vulnerabilities.


Product Description

Juniper® SD-WAN driven by Mist AI™ has built-in capabilities to provide sophisticated security services from every router in the network. The solution uses the Session Smart™ Router (SSR) and includes deny-by-default access based on application policies that ensure zero-trust access control to the networking fabric.

Built on Juniper’s patented Secure Vector Routing (SVR) technology, this guaranteed secure coupling of users and their applications is unique in the industry. The tunnel-free protocol enables a 30% to 50% reduction in bandwidth costs, and includes an adaptive encryption feature, ensuring that the user experience is not sacrificed as a result of needless double encryption and overhead.

Juniper® Session Smart™ Router’s Advanced Security Pack (Figure 1) integrates further security functionality into the routing fabric:

  • URL filtering prevents access to and from specific sites and to meet special business requirements.
  • An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) protects against advanced malicious attacks.


Figure 1: Foundational SSR router security and the Advanced Security Pack

Figure 1: Foundational SSR router security and the Advanced Security Pack

These features eliminate the need for additional security appliances at the branch, providing this enhanced functionality within the Juniper Mist ecosystem of Wired, Wireless, and SD-WAN. If more cloud-integrated security is needed, customers have the option of adding the Juniper Secure Edge to the environment.


Features and Benefits

The IDS/IDP and URL filtering functionality in the Advanced Security Pack is made possible with the following features:

  • Policy establishment maps the policies for networks and their users to applications and destinations; this ensures that applications can only be accessed by permitted users
  • Event filtering and capturing provides information on attacks and their threat levels; operators are continually aware of current security attacks and threats
  • Signature database mapping provides further information on vulnerabilities, along with how to apply appropriate protections

Wherever you are in your security journey with AI-Driven SD- WAN, Session Smart Networking functions will add the needed features for your evolving needs.


Establishing Policies

With the Advanced Security Pack, policies are established for all network users and outside resources; examples include applications, services, and web sites (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Policy to Restrict Social Media Access for Corporate Employees

Filtering and Capturing Events

The Advanced Security Pack filters and captures relevant events (Figure 3).


Figure 3: Captured Events from IDP and URL Filtering

Matching Against a Signature Database

These events may be matched against a signature database that contains definitions of attack objects and application signatures defined in the form of an IDP policy rule set (Figure 4). This rule set is updated regularly by automatically downloading the latest definitions and application signatures.


Figure 4: IPS signature for a detected vulnerability

The SSR router is thus able to provide cutting-edge security solutions for your network. When vulnerabilities are discovered, you can either have your router alerted to the vulnerability or block the traffic. This provides you with the network protection you require, without the need to purchase specialized appliances that add complexity.


Meeting You Where You Are

Juniper Networks wants to meet you where you are when it comes to your network security. The Advanced Security Pack can thus be installed standalone or alongside a Juniper Networks® SRX Series Firewall at your branch or data center.

The Advanced Security Pack can also be used to help you with your SASE Journey giving you protection in the branch or data center before easily offloading that traffic to an SSE such as the Juniper Secure Edge.


Ordering Information

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