Juniper AI Driven SD WAN and Session Smart Networking Explainer


This video provides an overview of how Juniper's AI-driven SD-WAN powered by the Session Smart Router works.

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What is SD-WAN? (00:13)

Limitations of tunneling protocols (00:30)

Tunnel-free AI-driven SD-WAN (00:50)

Driven by Mist AI (1:50)

Zero Trust Security and SASE (2:27) 

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You’ll learn

  • Why traditional SD-WAN solutions that use tunnel protocols can be inefficient and costly

  • Why routing sessions instead of packets makes it easier to prioritize traffic with greater visibility and security

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 Speed, efficiency, reliability and security.

0:04 It's what you expect from your SD-WAN,

0:07 but not every SD-WAN is created equal.

0:10 Let's take a look at why.

0:12 SD-WAN connects users to applications using multiple links,

0:16 enabling local internet breakouts, reducing

0:18 reliance on MPLS and improving application performance.

0:23 It prioritizes traffic using application aware routing

0:26 and automatically reroutes traffic in case of link failures.

0:30 But traditional SD-WAN solutions route packets

0:33 through tunneling protocols like IPsec and GRE.

0:37 These tunnels add overhead to packets, decreasing

0:40 network capacity and increasing bandwidth and cost.

0:44 Tunnels are also complex to set up,

0:46 and they limit scaling.

0:49 You can get more from your network with Juniper AI driven SD-WAN.

0:54 It solves these challenges with a better approach.

0:57 We've removed the limitations of tunnel based WANs, improving performance with

1:01 session smart routers that route traffic based on sessions rather than packets.

1:07 Session based routing provides greater context,

1:10 making it easier to prioritize traffic with better visibility and security.

1:14 It recognizes when a link is down, and immediately reroutes traffic,

1:19 ensuring that critical data like voice and video are never interrupted.

1:23 It can also recognize when packets are already encrypted

1:26 and will not re encrypt them further, omitting unnecessary overhead.

1:31 Because there's no data overhead.

1:33 Tunnel free SD-WAN creates a 30 to 50% reduction in bandwidth use, improving

1:39 application performance, reducing network congestion and decreasing costs.

1:44 When you're not restricted by tunnels, you can rapidly scale to over 10,000 sites.

1:50 Juniper AI driven SD-WAN is centrally deployed

1:53 and managed by the Juniper Mist Cloud, a single platform

1:57 for managing SD-WAN, wired and wireless.

2:00 It provides easier operations by enhancing visibility across the network

2:05 and drastically simplifying deployments,

2:07 using automated configurations and true ZTP.

2:11 And with the industry's most advanced AI ops,

2:13 you'll have unprecedented insight to troubleshoot issues.

2:17 Mist AI provides real time insights into user experience

2:21 and provides root cause analysis on network issues,

2:24 often alerting IT before users are ever impacted.

2:28 AI driven

2:29 SD-WAN provides strong security using a zero trust architecture

2:33 with deny by default access policies and it’s SASE ready.

2:37 Combined with Juniper secure edge.

2:39 It provides a single vendor SASE solution and has open

2:43 APIs to connect a third party SSE.

2:46 Better performance, easy operations, and strong security.

2:51 Expect more from your network with Juniper AI driven SD-WAN.

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