Deutsche Telekom transforms network service delivery, starting with SD-WAN

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is poised to speed WAN modernization for European businesses, helping them move from rigid MPLS networks to flexible, application-aware connectivity with a fully automated SD-WAN service.

Capturing more of the small and midsize business opportunity is just one expected outcome of DT’s innovative telco cloud. An agile private cloud allows DT to improve the customer experience and streamline operations across the full stack of network services. Juniper is a strategic technology partner for DT’s telco cloud.


Company Deutsche Telekom
Industry Service Provider
Products used Session Smart RouterSRX SeriesWAN Assurance
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance

SD-WAN migration

Help small and midsize businesses rapidly transition to SD-WAN

Speed service delivery

Use end-to-end automation to speed service delivery across the full network stack

Days, not weeks

Provision new enterprise network services in days, not weeks or months

Profitable revenue

Reduce cost of service delivery for increased profitability


Provision network services at the speed of business

“We expect the transition from MPLS to SD-WAN to be very fast,” says Stefan Jung, business owner of LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi at Deutsche Telekom Business Solutions. “We needed a low-effort, highly automated way to migrate our MPLS customers to SD-WAN.”

The service provider met the need with an innovative cloud platform it calls Telekom SD-X. The software-defined, virtualized platform delivers networking for data center, campus, WAN, and private 5G services. SD-X wholly transforms network operations and service delivery models, creating greater market agility and service reliability to meet customers’ growing digital needs. 

Deutsche Telekom Challenge

Build a universal platform for network service delivery

DT’s SD-X platform creates a horizontal, multivendor service edge that supports all virtual network function (VNF) workloads on a common platform for operational efficiency and economies of scale. SD-X enables extraordinary levels of orchestration and automation.

SD-WAN services are delivered through Juniper Session Smart Router, Juniper SRX Series Firewalls, and Juniper Cloud Services, including Mist WAN Assurance. The Juniper Managed AI-Driven SD-WAN solution delivers deterministic, optimized user experiences with streamlined operations and troubleshooting.

“Juniper and DT have worked together closely to automate the configuration and provisioning of SD-WAN services in the smartest and fastest way,” says Jung.

When a customer places an order, the necessary equipment is automatically identified and preconfigured, ready for installation at the customer site. The Juniper SD-WAN solution is fully integrated into the DT platform, allowing customers to change security and application priority policies from the DT portal. Changes take effect without manual intervention.

Deutsche Telekom Solution

Drive service scale and profitability

“With the SD-X platform, we can provide enterprise network services in days, rather than weeks or months,” says Jung. “It’s a game changer.”


With a fully automated and optimized SD-WAN service, DT can help midmarket customers transition faster to flexible, application-aware connectivity that allows them to improve the digital experiences they deliver to their own customers and employees.

“Automation gives us scalability and service profitability,” says Jung. “We have a much lower cost to process orders, which makes it possible to sell SD-WAN services to small and midsize businesses as well as the largest enterprises.”

As DT continues to develop the platform for more network domains, Juniper is its preferred vendor. 

Deutsche Telekom Outcome
“Juniper is a key partner as we develop the SD-X platform, and together, we have completely automated the order chain for SD-WAN services.”
Stefan Jung Business Owner of LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi, Deutsche Telekom Business Solutions

Published April 2022