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Have what it takes to be an SD-WAN Superhero?

Use the power of industry-leading AI to unlock your latent superpowers and deliver better experiences for everyone. Juniper SD-WAN driven by Mist AI is here to help you save the day.

1 - Templating

Get simple and flexible templating that allows you to automate and expedite router configuration, new services, and new policies — at scale.

2 – Easy ZTP

Automatically provision and bring devices online faster with a simple scan via Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). Eliminate the need for tech experts in the field.

3 - AI-Powered WAN Assurance

Find out exactly what WAN issues are causing poor end-user experiences from an intuitive dashboard — or by simply asking Marvis, Juniper’s AI-driven virtual assistant. Solve issues before users even notice.

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4 – Secure Vector Routing

No more complex, scale-limiting, bandwidth-intensive tunneling schemes. Secure Vector Routing, or SVR, provides all the security benefits of tunnels — and then some — without the drawbacks.

5 – Dynamic Path Selection

Ensure performance for business-critical applications. Anticipate and prevent long load times, service interruptions, and dropped calls. Get accurate measures of network performance with in-band monitoring.

SD-WAN Shield

With these 5 AI-Driven SD-WAN superpowers, you’ll be an SD-WAN hero in no time.

Added bonus: No one will have to know how easy it was to get there.

To learn more about what AI-driven SD-WAN can offer, watch the Juniper SD-WAN driven by Mist AI Demo

See SD-WAN Heroes in action as they battle nasty network foes:

SD-WAN Heroes vs. The Complexity Kraken

SD-WAN Heroes vs The Poor Performance Blob

SD-WAN Heroes vs. The Visibility Fog