Justin Melloni, Product Marketing Manger, Juniper Networks

Deploying a Full Stack Branch with Mist AI

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In this video, we will show you how to deploy and manage a Juniper Networks AI-driven full stack Branch from the Mist Cloud.

Day 0 - Designing your network and staging your configuration (0:21)
Configuration templates (1:03)
Day 1 - Deployment (2:00)
ZTP Claim Codes (2:25)
Day 2 - Maintenance and Troubleshooting (3:20)
SLEs Service Level Experiences (3:32)
Marvis Actions (4:00)
Marvis Chat Bot (4:15)
Security - IDP (4:35)
Premium Analytics (5:17)

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You’ll learn

  • How easy it is to deploy a full stack branch with Mist AI

  • How to simplify all operational stages

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Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Product Marketing Manger, Juniper Networks


0:01 [Music]

0:04 hey everyone today I want to show you

0:07 how easy it is to deploy an AI driven

0:09 full stack Branch managed by the Mist

0:11 Cloud that is a whole Branch network

0:13 with access points switches and routers

0:15 all being managed by a single pane of

0:18 glass with artificial intelligence to

0:20 alert you to any issues and easily find

0:22 the root cause of those issues in this

0:24 demo I will show you how Juniper

0:25 Networks AI driven full stack Branch

0:27 simplifies all operational stages

0:30 Day Zero design day one deployment and

0:34 day two troubleshooting and maintenance

0:36 and also I will show you how quickly

0:38 this can be done alright let's jump into

0:40 it

0:42 a0 design

0:44 when we talk about Day Zero operations

0:46 we are talking about all the planning

0:48 and design that you can do prior to

0:50 deploying any of the systems these are

0:52 the tasks that should be performed to

0:54 make sure that the actual deployment day

0:55 goes as smoothly as possible the tasks

0:58 you want to perform here are designing

1:00 your network and staging your

1:02 configuration using the missed Cloud you

1:04 have one interface you can log into to

1:06 configure all of the access points

1:08 switches and routers in your whole

1:11 network

1:12 you can use configuration templates with

1:14 site-specific variables so you only have

1:16 to create a limited number of

1:17 configurations for large deployments

1:20 I have seen deployments with 10 000

1:22 sites that only have six or so different

1:24 designs so what do they do they create

1:26 six templates and apply the appropriate

1:28 templates to the correct sites as they

1:30 are onboarding I've also dealt with

1:32 deployments that have a couple

1:33 variations between sites say for example

1:36 they use different IP address schemes at

1:38 each site this is not a problem either

1:40 because all we have to do is input a

1:42 variable or placeholder like this and

1:44 then when we create the site we say for

1:47 this variable put in this value

1:49 with this technology we can easily

1:51 deploy 1 000 sites in minutes

1:54 once you have your network designed and

1:55 you have staged your configuration it is

1:57 time to prepare for deployment day

2:02 one deployment

2:04 day one stands for the first day of use

2:07 for our new devices this is the most

2:09 exciting day in my opinion you have a

2:11 shiny new device and you just can't wait

2:13 to pull it out of the box and use it

2:14 unfortunately a lot of times this day

2:17 can be ruined by the actual deployment

2:19 and installation well that does not have

2:20 to be the case with Juniper Networks

2:22 with the AI driven full stack Branch you

2:25 can easily deploy your network using QR

2:27 codes or claim codes

2:29 first if you didn't do it as part of

2:31 your day Zero tasks create a site in the

2:33 missed cloud and assign the appropriate

2:35 templates to that site

2:36 then just look at the back of your

2:38 device for a QR code and scan it with an

2:40 app or grab the claim code and add it to

2:42 your inventory for that site

2:44 if you have a white box switch or router

2:46 then just copy a few lines of

2:48 configuration to get that device

2:49 speaking to the missed cloud

2:51 once your device connects up to the Mist

2:52 Cloud it will see what site it is

2:54 deployed to and grab the appropriate

2:56 configuration

2:57 another huge benefit of the

2:59 configuration templates is that if you

3:01 need to make any changes to your

3:02 configuration all you have to do is make

3:04 the change in the template and the

3:06 change will get pushed down to all of

3:07 the appropriate devices you no longer

3:10 need to log into each individual device

3:12 with these powerful tools at your

3:14 disposal you can have a full site up in

3:16 minutes this is what we call true zero

3:19 touch provisioning

3:22 day two maintenance and troubleshooting

3:25 once you have your site deployed then it

3:27 just comes down to your normal

3:28 day-to-day operations

3:30 this is what we call our day two

3:31 operations in the missed ecosystem we

3:34 like to break our Telemetry down to sles

3:36 or service level experiences these sles

3:39 give you insight into the health of your

3:41 network devices links and applications

3:43 they alert you to any issues impacting

3:45 the user experience and provide insights

3:47 into the root cause

3:49 the sles are impressive and very

3:51 powerful giving you experienced insights

3:53 across the network but even more

3:55 powerful is your AI virtual Network

3:57 assistant Marvis Marvis actions

4:00 proactively alert you to high priority

4:02 issues impacting your network

4:04 this marvelous actions page is a great

4:06 page to start your day off with a cup of

4:08 coffee view so you can know where you

4:11 need to spend your attention and solve

4:12 issues before your customers even know

4:15 you can also chat with Marvis to ask

4:17 questions about your network say for

4:19 example you're getting complaints about

4:20 an application not working you can ask

4:22 Marvis if the problem is something on

4:24 your network with your ISP or on the

4:26 application itself this saves hours of

4:29 investigating to prove where the problem

4:31 is and reduces your mtti or mean time to

4:34 innocence

4:35 security is also managed by mist and

4:37 Marvis using the IDP and enhanced web

4:40 filtering features in your session smart

4:42 routers you Leverage The Juniper IDP

4:45 signature database providing

4:46 state-of-the-art protection against the

4:48 most up-to-date vulnerabilities

4:50 the database contains definitions of

4:52 attack objects and application

4:53 signatures defined in the form of an IDP

4:56 policy rule set that is updated

4:58 regularly

4:59 by automatically downloading the latest

5:01 definitions and application signatures

5:03 the SSR is able to provide cutting-edge

5:05 security solutions for your network

5:08 when discovered you can either have your

5:10 router alert you to the vulnerability or

5:12 block the traffic giving you the network

5:13 protection that you need without the

5:15 need to purchase additional Hardware

5:17 lastly with all of this data and all of

5:19 these Cool Tools how can you share this

5:21 information with interested parties and

5:23 extend Mist into your business

5:24 intelligence this can be done with

5:26 premium analytics premium analytics is

5:29 another tool that you can use to share

5:31 with any decision maker to help them get

5:33 the relevant information they need

5:35 whether it's a CIO looking at further

5:37 Network investment a branch manager

5:40 looking at user experience or Facilities

5:42 Management executive looking at real

5:44 estate optimization and occupancy

5:46 management premium analytics provides

5:49 long-term insights into your network

5:50 with intuitive graphs and charts so that

5:53 was a very brief dive into what the

5:55 Juniper Network AI driven full stack SD

5:57 branch has to offer to summarize the AI

6:00 driven full stack SD Branch simplifies

6:02 every stage of operations design

6:04 deployment maintenance and

6:07 troubleshooting allow allowing for the

6:08 best user experience for your network

6:10 Architects Engineers operations folks

6:13 and end users there is a lot more that

6:15 you can do with the mistcloud and missed

6:17 AI then we have time to show you here if

6:19 you'd like to try this out for yourself

6:20 sign up for a demo or POC thank you for

6:23 watching

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