SD-WAN Heroes vs. The Visibility Fog

 Still image shows a person looking at their laptop in fear while a purple fog comes out of it.

In this video, the SD-WAN Heroes fight the visibility fog with SVR and WAN Assurance.

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper's SD-WAN turns IT professionals into heroes

  • What can defend against poor performance

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:01 [Music]

0:06 a storm is coming have you battened down

0:09 the hatches because when it hits a wide

0:12 area network everything goes dark

0:14 Network fires unhappy users tickets upon

0:20 tickets but it doesn't have to be this

0:22 way none of our heroes have anything to

0:24 do with it Behold a ray of hope they let

0:29 loose with their twin attacks of svr and

0:32 when Assurance a one two Kaboom pushing

0:36 back the darkness shining a light on the

0:39 problem stopping the suspicious and

0:42 malicious before they even have a chance

0:45 not that they ever had one let Juniper

0:48 sd-wan be your superpower your light

0:52 lights the darkness

0:54 [Music]

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