Justin Melloni, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Dare to Compare Juniper SD-Branch - Deploy a Full Stack Branch in Minutes

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Deploying a branch site has never been easier or faster! With Juniper's AI-driven SD-Branch templating tools, zero touch provisioning claim codes, and cloud-based management, you can deploy a full stack branch in minutes.

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You’ll learn

  • Setting up your branch can be easier

  • Features of Juniper’s SD-Branch solution

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Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:01 foreign

0:05 if you've ever deployed a branch Network

0:07 I feel your pain with a short window of

0:10 time you have to set up access points

0:12 switches and routers and cross your

0:15 fingers that it all works with

0:16 traditional Solutions each site

0:18 deployment could take hours well I'm

0:21 here to tell you it doesn't have to be

0:23 that way with Juniper's SD brand

0:25 solution you can deploy your full branch

0:28 that's right access points switches and

0:30 routers in minutes using our true ztp

0:34 just scan the QR code on the device and

0:36 it is instantly provisioned and with

0:38 flexible configuration and templating

0:40 tools this scales to thousands of sites

0:44 we dare you to find another solution

0:46 that can simply and easily deploy a full

0:48 stack branch in minutes Dare to Compare

0:51 Juniper SD branch

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