Torsten Langner, Business Unit Global SD-x, Deutsche Telekom Business

How does SD-WAN based on Juniper SSR technology support Telekom's customers to connect their sites?

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Breakthrough economics and simplicity

Juniper Session Smart Router (SSR) technology takes software-defined routing and SD-WAN to a new level. It creates an application-aware network fabric that meets the most stringent enterprise performance, security, and availability requirements.

The router overcomes inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of conventional solutions with breakthrough economics and simplicity. SSR is part of Deutsche Telekom's MagentaBusiness Networks portfolio. 

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  • What are the SSR benefits

  • What are the typical use cases

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Torsten Langner Headshot
Torsten Langner
Business Unit Global SD-x, Deutsche Telekom Business

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Moritz Hoyer
Business Unit Global SD-x, Deutsche Telekom Business


0:00 foreign

0:05 thank you for coming to my magenta table

0:09 um I invited you because we both work in

0:11 the same team I work as a business

0:14 evangelist working with customers

0:16 working with our sales people or the

0:19 sales force who are working with the

0:20 customers regarding SD van magenta

0:23 business networks so what is your role

0:27 hello Charleston um basically my role is

0:31 um also being an uh Stephen evangelist

0:34 more from a technology standpoint

0:36 however I also had a very big stake in

0:40 developing on the production per

0:42 solution so in magenta business networks

0:45 we have six plus one core partners and

0:49 Juniper solution is one of those core

0:51 Solutions we offer as a standard to our

0:54 customers with the various sizes of the

0:56 customers we as Deutsche telecom have so

0:59 what exactly is unipur solution

1:03 Juniper Solutions actually in St van

1:05 overlay based on the Innovative Juniper

1:09 Sr technology well supported with

1:13 additional software around it enabling

1:16 us with fast rollout and monitoring okay

1:20 so the SSR technology which was 100 and

1:25 128 previously so what makes it so cool

1:29 and and new and unique for certain

1:32 situations yeah while it's true Mouse

1:35 and Steven Solutions actually use ipsec

1:39 to form an sc-van overlay

1:43 um Sr doesn't SSR uses a session

1:46 orientated way to create novily which is

1:50 uh highly Innovative and actually no

1:55 other solution on the market actually

1:57 does that

1:59 yeah so and um we we said we have those

2:03 six core Partners you said no other

2:06 solution of those core Partners has such

2:08 such a unique uh um product or

2:12 approach so why does it make a

2:15 difference

2:16 well

2:18 basically I've said create um ads

2:21 overhead to each and every packet you

2:24 ascending

2:25 um while Sr actually acts as only

2:30 metadata to the very first package

2:32 assigning it across the network and all

2:35 the following packets simply follows

2:38 very same

2:40 route as the first package so this

2:45 optimizes the bandwidth this increased

2:48 payload you can actually transmit uh

2:51 over the very same line so we say that

2:54 approximately 30 percent of the

2:55 bandwidth can be can be just

2:58 used for different things then if you

3:01 use then the the SSR technology but you

3:05 talked about ipsec so what about

3:08 encryption

3:09 because we don't have then ipsec

3:12 yeah

3:13 true Sr actually supports just like

3:18 ipsec

3:19 um AAS

3:21 265. so

3:24 um

3:24 basically this encryption can be used

3:27 adaptively so you can decide whether you

3:32 encrypt all traffic or you encrypt own

3:36 with traffic traffic not uh not already

3:39 encrypted by the application such as

3:42 https okay so now we have that the

3:46 product Juniper solution which is Junior

3:49 Pro with SSR now we as Dr Telecom offer

3:53 services to the customer full managed

3:54 Services we need to roll out to all the

3:56 locations of the customers so is there

3:59 something which we build around in order

4:02 to deliver

4:03 this solution to all the customers now

4:06 basically uh we are using a partner for

4:11 a juniper solution and the partner build

4:14 for Dodge Telecom a tailor-made a

4:17 solution around the SR technology and

4:21 actually this solution automates the

4:24 rollout world to to speed

4:27 unparalleled in any other product of our

4:31 products and there also gives our

4:34 customers way deeper insight into the

4:39 traffic patterns and the network stages

4:41 so it increased transparency for the

4:44 customer so we added more to the

4:47 standard which is offered than by the

4:49 vendor so and so what kind of

4:53 customers could be interested in such a

4:56 solution what kind of use cases make

4:59 this product interesting for our

5:01 customers so it could be a typical our

5:04 Manufacturing Company somewhere sitting

5:07 somewhere

5:09 in a location or not being connected to

5:12 fiber optics so a connection sites with

5:16 poor bandwidth connections or

5:21 companies require requiring for instance

5:24 a credit card transactions because these

5:28 transactions simply uh can't be cut off

5:32 if a connection

5:34 is changed okay so these are then all

5:37 those use cases where customers then

5:39 have low bandwidth or really time

5:43 intensive uh processes like credit card

5:48 processes and so let me just summarize

5:51 we've got a lot of information thank you

5:53 for that so far so Juniper solution is

5:57 one new core part of our magenta

6:00 business networks journey and our

6:03 platform based on sdx which is the

6:06 platform we built to deliver standards

6:08 to our customers in our sd-band space

6:11 and so we have one unique solution here

6:16 which which makes it unique because of a

6:18 different protocol it's using in the

6:19 network space so we save approximately

6:21 30 bandwidth or you have 30 bandwidth

6:24 for doing more it's especially

6:27 interesting for customers who have a

6:31 Time critical applications with low

6:35 bandwidth sites and that makes it

6:38 interesting for this so if you're

6:40 interested in that we have a lot more

6:41 information regarding Juniper Solution

6:44 on our website thank you most for coming

6:46 to our magenta table and thank you for

6:49 listening to this video so thank you

6:52 [Music]

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