Justin Melloni, Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Dare to Compare Juniper SD-Branch - Consolidated Management

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Juniper's AI-driven SD-Branch simplifies branch deployments and management with a single cloud platform, AI-driven insights, easy onboarding, and more. We dare you to find a branch solution that is easier to manage.

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You’ll learn

  • About Juniper’s SD-Branch solution

  • How AI will help you manage your branch network

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Justin Melloni Headshot
Justin Melloni
Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks


0:01 foreign

0:04 are you dealing with separate and

0:06 complex Solutions at the branch what if

0:09 there was a branch solution with access

0:10 points switches and routers all managed

0:13 by a single Cloud platform what if there

0:15 was an AI that could alert you to

0:17 anomalies and issues impacting anything

0:19 in your branch Network

0:21 or have an AI chat bot that allows you

0:23 to just ask it to troubleshoot network

0:24 issues providing root cause analysis and

0:27 actionable insights what if all it took

0:30 to deploy Branch devices with scanning a

0:32 QR code well Juniper's SD brand solution

0:35 has it all we dare you to find a full

0:38 stack SD brand Solution that's easier to

0:40 manage Dare to Compare Juniper SD branch

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