AI-Driven SD-WAN Demo: Zero Touch Configuration 

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Title slide that says, “AI-Driven SD-WAN Demo: Zero Touch Configuration (ZTC).” In the background is a person using a laptop computer.

It’s incredibly easy to configure a Juniper Session Smart Router.

Follow these four simple steps to configure your Juniper Session Smart Router at a remote location, such as a branch or datacenter. Once the router is onboarded, you can then access its analytics within the Juniper Mist Cloud. It’s that simple. For more, join one of our live SD-WAN demos.

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You’ll learn

  • How to create a template configuration for the router

  • How to apply that configuration to your site

  • The location of the QR code you’ll scan to onboard your router and assign it to the correct site

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:06 This demonstration will show Zero Touch Configuration for a given remote location that needs to

0:11 be brought online, and any additional manual configuration needed

0:15 to deploy the solution.

0:18 The steps for doing ZTC using the Session Smart Router are simple:

0:23 One, Create a template configuration for Router Two, Apply that configuration to your site,

0:31 such as a branch or datacenter.

0:34 Three, Use the QR code to onboard your Router and assign it to the correct site.

0:40 Four, Watch the Session Smart Router get onboarded and configured.

0:45 With the router now onboarded, we can access the router analytics within the Mist Cloud,

0:50 illustrating just how simple a true zero touch turnup can be done in the field.

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