AI-driven SD-WAN Demo: WAN Assurance

Demo Drop SD-WANAI & ML
Screenshot of Juniper Marvis showing Marvis “actions.”

Get an expert-led tour of the Mist AI user interface.

This demonstration is must-see viewing for network operators who want to learn how Juniper WAN Assurance, powered by Session Smart Routing and Mist AI, works to provide actionable insights into events impacting end user experiences. 

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You’ll learn

  • The myriad ways the Juniper Mist WAN Assurance service simplifies operations and improves visibility into end-user experiences

  • How Marvis works proactively to show you actions that improve your network 

  • Additional cool things the Mist AI engine can do to help you monitor user experiences 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


00:04 welcome to a demonstration of juniper

00:06 mist wan assurance with session smart

00:08 routing

00:10 wan assurance is just the latest in a

00:12 suite of assurance offerings in mist

00:14 built to understand and assure user

00:17 experience completely

00:19 in the journey of a packet from client

00:21 to cloud as it hops onto your

00:23 industry-leading missed wi-fi

00:25 crosses your best-in-class enterprise

00:27 switch fabric

00:29 and traverses your innovative tunnel

00:31 free secure sd-wan the wireless wired

00:35 and wan assurances work together in a

00:37 complete full stack branch solution

00:41 let's hop into our missed user interface

00:43 for a look around

00:46 starting at the highest level view

00:48 designed for msps and the largest

00:50 enterprise network operators you have a

00:52 dashboard showing you the estate at an

00:55 organizational level

00:57 you see your device inventory and get a

00:59 top level indicator of organization

01:01 health drawing your attention to areas

01:04 that may require it

01:06 moving into a particular organization we

01:08 get our first glimpse at a site level

01:10 view

01:11 we see devices and user activity

01:13 happening at the site

01:15 a history of user and device events are

01:18 shown with client events categorized

01:20 into good bad and neutral events

01:23 applications being consumed by users at

01:25 the site are also shown giving a

01:28 comprehensive overview of user activity

01:31 further down key wan edge device

01:34 performance data is plotted in a set of

01:36 charts we see resource utilization

01:39 including cpu forwarding core and memory

01:42 near the bottom of the page we see when

01:44 performance for the network paths

01:46 connecting this wan edge to its peers

01:49 this gives a historical look at path

01:51 behavior including loss latency

01:54 jitter and moss score

01:58 moving back up to our clients list we

02:00 can even get a detailed view of

02:02 applications being used by a particular

02:04 user device at the site

02:07 now being able to see network data with

02:09 your own eyes is great but let's head

02:11 over to marvis and see what your ai

02:13 powered network assistant sees

02:16 these are marvis actions the proactive

02:19 side of marvis

02:20 actions are things that marvis has

02:22 already noticed found and understood

02:25 from taking a proactive look at the data

02:28 if there is an action that can be taken

02:30 to improve the user experience it will

02:32 be brought to the forefront here

02:35 from our wan we can see that marvis has

02:36 identified a persisting lte signal

02:39 quality issue

02:40 from here we can drill into the details

02:42 of the issue and get a better sense of

02:44 the impacts

02:46 looks like i should take some action and

02:47 have the antenna adjusted this is a

02:50 great example of marvis helpfully

02:52 suggesting actions we can take to make

02:54 the user experience better

02:57 marvis also features a conversational

02:59 interface where you can ask it questions

03:01 about the network

03:03 additionally marvis is conveniently

03:05 located at the bottom throughout the

03:07 interface so you can always ask it to

03:09 help you do things like troubleshoot a

03:11 device or access documentation

03:14 heading back to the wan insights page

03:16 let's take a closer look at some of the

03:17 cool stuff that the mist ai engine is

03:20 doing for us

03:21 at the heart of wan assurance are

03:23 something called sles this stands for

03:25 service level experience

03:28 sles break the network down into simple

03:31 units of measure

03:32 for the user experience called a user

03:34 minute

03:35 which is then used to score the various

03:38 things which may have an effect on user

03:40 experience

03:41 behind these seemingly simple

03:43 measurements are the complex and

03:44 powerful ai models of the miss cloud fed

03:47 by the rich telemetry from the session

03:49 smart network

03:51 this is where we can be assured that our

03:53 user experience was good and if it

03:55 wasn't quickly get to the root cause

03:58 here we see that our user experiences

04:00 have not been too affected by things

04:02 happening within the wanage device

04:04 itself or by issues on the wan links

04:08 but even still mist has noticed that

04:10 some application experiences are being

04:12 impacted

04:13 what could be going on

04:15 let's hop into our application health

04:17 sle to see

04:19 each sle contains a set of classifiers

04:21 that break down the root causes of poor

04:23 user experience in this case 98 percent

04:26 of the time that user experience has

04:29 been poor the cause has been actual

04:31 application server responsiveness issues

04:34 going even further we can see that

04:36 applications themselves have been slow

04:38 to respond

04:39 even while all the rest of the wan has

04:41 been performing perfectly

04:43 as we look at affected items by this

04:45 issue it shows us the users and

04:48 applications that have been impacted

04:51 so mist is telling me that my network is

04:53 fine

04:54 but that issues out on the internet are

04:56 still causing poor experiences

05:00 let's check the news here to see if

05:02 there's public reports of these issues

05:05 sure enough the same day of this

05:07 recording there was an amazon server

05:09 outage

05:10 applications reported as impacted are

05:12 the same ones that mist told us about

05:16 this is when assurance in action showing

05:18 us exactly what is happening in the

05:20 network

05:21 thanks for watching this quick

05:22 demonstration of missed wan assurance

05:24 with session smart sd-wan

05:27 hopefully you got a glimpse of how mist

05:29 assures user experiences on the lan and

05:32 helps you find and resolve impacting

05:34 issues faster than ever before

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