Juniper Apstra Flow Data Demo: Granular Visibility into App Traffic and In-Depth Analysis

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Enhance your network visibility with data center monitoring

Enhance your network visibility with data center monitoring

Explore granular visibility into application traffic flows for in-depth analysis and insights, regardless of vendor. See how Apstra flow data offers insights into the flows traversing your network, enhancing visibility and providing multi-vendor support aimed at optimizing application data flows for improved performance and security.

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You’ll learn

  • How to get deep insights into real-time communications between clients and servers, apps and users, and services within a microservices-based app

  • How to identify/analyze the most prevalent application flows in your network

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:09 for this demo I'm going to show you how

0:11 this feature provides granular

0:12 visibility into application traffic

0:15 flows for in-depth analysis and insights

0:18 regardless of vendor within abstra you

0:21 can now link to the flow data dashboard

0:24 which visualizes flows within your data

0:26 center Network this allows you to

0:28 analyze your data in various different

0:30 ways while examining individual flow

0:33 records it's a powerful tool that gives

0:35 you deep insights into real-time

0:37 Communications between clients and

0:39 servers applications and users or

0:42 services within a microservices based

0:44 application as they are happening in

0:46 your data

0:48 center abstra

0:50 4.2.1 offers quite a few options for

0:54 visualizations let's start today by

0:56 taking a look at the top n or in other

0:59 words the top talker

1:02 visualization this shows you which

1:04 application flows are most prevalent

1:06 within your network in this example you

1:08 can see we have a massive amount of SSH

1:12 traffic as you can see this tool

1:15 provides great insights into the flows

1:17 that are traversing your network

1:19 enhanced visibility multivendor support

1:22 all focused on optimizing application

1:24 data flows for increased performance and

1:27 security thank you for watching this

1:29 demo

1:30 [Music]

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