Juniper Apstra Demo: Time Voyager (4.2 Update)

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The image shows a screenshot from Juniper Apstra® Time Voyager. There is a blue text box in the corner with the headline, “Limit on Saved Revisions.” The text shows you how you can go to Settings in Juniper Apstra to update the quota of automatically saved revisions.

Network updates are now less fraught thanks to Time Voyager.

We’ve all been there: You make updates to your network, but the results are not quite what you expected. Now, thanks to Time Voyager, a new feature available through Juniper Apstra®, there’s no harm done. You can now restore previous versions of a network blueprint with just a few clicks.

For a more detailed overview on Time Voyager, watch “Juniper Apstra Demo: Revert Network Change with Time Voyager.”

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You’ll learn

  • How Time Voyager creates a helpful golden configuration to which you can revert back

  • The number of revisions that are now automatically saved in Juniper Apstra (hint: it’s a lot)

  • How to restore previous revisions of a blueprint with just a few clicks

Who is this for?

Network Professionals