Juniper Apstra Demo: Flow Data for Performance management and Capacity Planning

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Enhance data center troubleshooting with Juniper Apstra

Enhance your network performance with Juniper Apstra

Apstra's Multivendor flow data offers granular visibility for in-depth analysis and insights down to the application level. See how you can enable better performance management, capacity planning, and improved security and compliance.

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You’ll learn

  • How to monitor all the flows within your network

  • How to diagnose slow network performance and issues and monitor for threats

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:08 abstra multivendor flow data provides

0:10 granular visibility for in-depth

0:12 analysis and insights down to the

0:15 application Level enabling better

0:17 Performance Management capacity planning

0:20 and improved security and

0:22 compliance this screen within abstra

0:24 flow data displays all of the flows

0:27 within the network in this case we see a

0:30 lot of tiny flows and SSH traffic that

0:33 is consuming significant amount of

0:35 bandwidth which seems a little bit odd

0:38 so let's narrow down the source and

0:40 destination of this traffic from an

0:42 interface

0:45 perspective with our first step we would

0:48 narrow down the traffic by selecting the

0:50 client and

0:53 server once the page reloads we will see

0:56 just that particular flow and all that

0:59 SSH track

1:05 traffic if we take a look at our

1:07 exporter tab we can see which exporters

1:10 are active the exporters being the

1:12 switches or devices that are exporting

1:14 flow data to our

1:16 collector we will also see which of our

1:19 flow exporters the traffic is being seen

1:21 on which helps us identify the specific

1:24 switches notice that the client host

1:26 name server and client host name persist

1:29 in our f filter

1:33 field if we hop over to our interfaces

1:37 tab we can select one of those

1:40 exporters and choose the interface type

1:43 and we can see the specific interfaces

1:45 on which that traffic is

1:47 seen this can be very useful when

1:50 diagnosing slow performance so very

1:52 helpful in helping us diagnose network

1:54 issues and identify potential

1:57 threats thank you so much for watching

1:59 and have a great

2:00 [Music]

2:07 day

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