Juniper Apstra Demo: Execute CLI Show Command

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Attain device information via CLI commands in a flash with Juniper Apstra software.

It’s now easier than ever to obtain device information using Command Line Interface (CLI) commands in a Juniper Apstra® environment, as managed switches now support the execution show commands. Watch this demo to see it in action.

Read, “Juniper Apstra 4.2 User Guide: Execute CLI Show Command (Devices).”

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper Apstra software provides convenient access to show commands

  • How to copy the full output from the command to the clipboard to use in other applications

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:07 execution of Juno show commands on

0:09 managed switches is Now supported in

0:11 abstra

0:14 4.2 in the staged area we will select

0:17 one of the devices in our Network and

0:19 over in the device info area we click

0:22 execute CLI command in the text box that

0:26 appears we input a valid Juno show

0:28 command and then press EX

0:32 having access to these commands is very

0:34 handy especially when you want to see

0:36 that one item from that one

0:39 device commands can be very complex or

0:42 very simple like this one the full

0:44 output from the command can then be

0:46 copied to your computer's clipboard and

0:48 used in other

0:50 applications thank you for watching this

0:53 [Music]

0:58 video

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