AI-Driven Enterprise Solutions for Delivering Managed Services

Use Juniper’s industry-leading, AI-driven enterprise solutions to deliver differentiated, revenue-generating managed services. Powered by Mist AI™ and the Juniper Mist Cloud, our wired, wireless, and SD-WAN networking solutions arm your NetOps team with proactive insights and automation across the full stack. Use them to achieve optimum day-0 through day-2 operations and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper’s unique client-to-cloud networking approach delivers granular visibility and enhanced performance across wired and wireless LANs and WANs at the network, device, session, and user levels. The outcome? Improved service-level agreements (SLAs), increased service stickiness, and excellent response times, whether users are collaborating on a videoconference or voice call, accessing a SaaS application, or downloading a data file.

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Expand your service catalog

Better monetize offerings and generate new lines of revenue with Juniper’s broad, full-stack portfolio of industry-leading wired, wireless, and SD-WAN networking solutions. Use them to build high-performance networks with zero-touch capabilities that create stickier engagements, enable easy upgrades, and help you grow monthly recurring revenues.  

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Integrated management

We consolidate wired, wireless, and WAN network management into a single, cloud-based portal with AI-driven insights and automation. Network operators save time and money with faster problem resolution and fewer on-site visits. The dashboard provides a holistic, multitenant view into the real-time performance of customer networks so you can continually optimize end-user experiences.

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Gain end-to-end security

Juniper integrates network and security components networkwide. Unified visibility, threat intelligence and correlation, and policy enforcement extend to every point of connection, on premises and in the cloud. 

Related Solutions

Managed SD-WAN

Juniper SD-WAN is an integral part of a unique, secure client-to-cloud networking approach designed to provide the best operational experience for operators, as well as the best network and application experience for enterprise customers. It leverages AI and the Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture for proactive insights and automation that take the complexity out of network operations and support.

Managed Services FAQs

What are Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise solutions for managed services?

Juniper offers wired, wireless, and SD-WAN solutions that service providers can use to create and provision AIOps-based managed services. For example, providers can deploy managed SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-branch, router, and indoor wireless location services for enterprise customers. Powered by Mist AI™ and the Juniper Mist cloud, the solutions enable network assurances from client to cloud

What are the main benefits of Juniper AI-driven enterprise solutions to managed providers?

  • Providers can see and measure the real-time service-level experiences (SLEs) of all end-users.
  • The insights and automated actions enabled by Mist AI capabilities, such as deep learning and natural language processing, are unique in the industry and allow operators to assure user experiences.  
  • Providers can simplify and consolidate their own internal operations while creating new revenue streams with differentiated, industry-leading service offerings. 

What common enterprise networking challenges do AI-driven enterprise solutions address?

Deploying Juniper AI-driven enterprise solutions as managed services addresses multiple enterprise networking challenges:

  • Traditional enterprise networking deployments are cumbersome and operationally expensive.
  • Complexity increases with a continued rise in applications, users, devices, and cloud services.
  • Organizations have a limited understanding of how and why user experience is a revenue-impacting priority.

How do Juniper AI-driven Enterprise solutions address these challenges?

Service providers can deliver unique client-to-cloud networking to their customers that reduces the strain on IT teams while helping those customers lower their costs and improve experiences related to IT networking. Through our MSP Dashboard, which delivers real-time visibility into performance at the network, device, session, and user levels, providers can measure multiple SLE metrics and take action to consistently meet service-level expectations.

They can pass along the benefits of a consolidated management platform, proactive user experience insights, and automated troubleshooting to their customers in the form of optimized application performance, faster response times, lower mean time to repair (MTTR), and reductions in operational costs associated with troubleshooting and maintenance.

What products help create the AI-driven managed service offerings?

The Juniper managed service offering includes Mist AI with the MSP Dashboard and the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant. It also includes the Juniper Session Smart Router, as well as hardware offerings for wired and wireless access. 

What are the unique service differentiators in creating managed service offerings using Juniper AI-driven enterprise solutions?

The following are unique differentiators:

  • The ability to measure SLEs across wired and wireless LANs and WANs gives providers the insights they need to optimize user experiences.
  • Our microservices-based cloud delivers the agility and elasticity to scale any size enterprise customer network in any major vertical industry.
  • A single integrated network driven by a common AI engine for client-to-cloud connectivity and service assurances across all network domains simplifies operations.
  • Providers have advanced wireless options such as indoor location services.

What security features does Juniper’s managed service offering provide?

The AI-driven enterprise integrates network and security components from client to cloud. AIOps provides unified visibility, threat intelligence, and event correlation and enforces policies across the distributed enterprise.

Other security features include adaptive encryption, IoT Assurance, intrusion detection and prevention services (IDP/IPS), and URL filtering. Additionally, the Juniper SD-WAN, based on the Juniper Session Smart Router, provides a deny-by-default approach, baking zero-trust security into the SD-WAN fabric. These solutions integrate with Juniper Secure Edge and third-party security providers to build SASE architectures so providers can meet business customers wherever they are in their security journey. 

What are the deployment options for Juniper’s AI-driven managed service offerings?

You can find detailed descriptions of our deployment options—including Juniper consulting and training assistance—in our solution guide, Implementing Branch Networks for an AI-driven Enterprise. Operations from Days 0 to 2 and beyond are discussed in depth. 

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