Delivering Indoor Location as a Managed Service with Juniper Networks

The still from the video is a picture of the universal symbol for location finding, with the words Indoor Location Services beside it.

When customers visit, offer great location services.

The indoor location market is growing, and Juniper Wireless Access can help you keep up with the increasing demand. This video provides a quick overview of the numerous benefits of delivering Juniper Managed Indoor Location services to customers across a wide variety of industries. 

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You’ll learn

  • How easy it is to launch and manage scalable, enterprise-grade Indoor Location Services 

  • The benefits of Mist SDK for industries like retail, warehouse, medical, education, and travel

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 The Indoor Location market is growing.

0:03 With Juniper Wireless Access, customers get:

0:06 Reliable and widespread Wi-Fi connectivity with consistent coverage everywhere.

0:11 And scalable, enterprise-grade Indoor Location Services to revolutionize user experience.

0:18 Two industry leading solutions in one.

0:20 With no need for additional hardware or software

0:24 Just scan the Wi-Fi devices for on-prem deployment.

0:27 Then Manage them using a cloud-based portal with AI.

0:31 Remotely push virtual beacons to those same devices.

0:35 And gather highly accurate location-based telemetry.

0:37 That’s it.

0:38 Plus, with the Mist SDK, you can easily tap into our large partner ecosystem to develop

0:45 powerful and engaging applications across a range of industries:

0:50 Help retail customers drive better mobile engagement and increase revenues

0:57 Facilitate delivery, inventory, and access for factories and warehouses

1:04 Pinpoint critical medical equipment or personnel in a hospital

1:08 Guide students across campus, Enhance guest experiences with easy access

1:19 to resort amenities And more!

1:21 Juniper is the market leader in Wi-Fi.

1:24 With Wireless Access, you can: Deliver exceptional user experiences on the

1:29 network.

1:30 Transform business operations with Indoor Location.

1:34 Generate new revenue streams for your business without added complexity.

1:38 It’s that simple.

1:39 For more information, see your Juniper representative or visit 

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