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How Retailers Create the Connected Experiences of the Future

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Biggest bang for the IT buck: Tips for forward-thinking retailers

In-store and online retail customers expect seamless, delightful shopping experience, for which IT infrastructure plays a critical role. But which IT investments provide the best value for your money? Juniper’s Todd Nicholson knows, and in this video he shares his best ideas to keep customers coming back for more.

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You’ll learn

  • What shoppers expect from shopping experiences today, such as payment and contactless pickup options

  • Ways to drive more frequent engagement, regardless of channel, to increase basket size and revenue

  • How location-based services help customers find products and see more of the store each time they visit

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Sarah Lesway-Ball Headshot
Sarah Lesway-Ball
Senior Director, Global Experience Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Todd Nicholson Headshot
Todd Nicholson
Director of Vertical Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:00 welcome to news on the feed

0:02 recent surveys show that 95

0:05 of retail customers people like you and

0:08 me

0:09 value shopping experiences that are

0:11 seamless

0:12 personalized and fast whether they're

0:15 shopping online or in person what they

0:17 might not know is that a stronger

0:19 reliable infrastructure is critical to

0:21 delivering these experiences

0:23 and it teams are making this a top

0:26 priority in investment

0:28 todd nicholson a retail expert at

0:30 juniper networks

0:32 recently walked through trends in a blog

0:34 todd let's start with what a connected

0:37 experience looks like for a consumer do

0:40 you have an example that you could share

0:43 you know sarah it's it's all about

0:45 connected retail experience and what i

0:47 mean by that is um a true connected

0:50 experience is all about meeting the

0:52 needs and expectations of your customer

0:55 without any limitations in terms of

0:58 channels or touch points so

1:00 in other words customers want any number

1:03 of flexible options to

1:05 make a purchase

1:06 and retailers need to leverage

1:08 technology to help enable a seamless and

1:11 delightful experience for their

1:13 customers

1:14 shoppers want options when it comes to

1:17 their buying decisions with things like

1:19 making a purchase so customers want

1:22 flexibility in how they

1:23 acquire products or services whether it

1:26 be online

1:28 through the web or a retail application

1:31 on a mobile device or offline

1:34 making the purchase within a

1:36 brick-and-mortar store

1:38 or even a combination of

1:40 all of those channels combined

1:42 the second thing uh that shoppers are

1:45 interested in are flexible payment

1:47 options so

1:48 having the ability to

1:50 make a choice

1:52 when uh making a payment so

1:54 you know pre-paying online paying in the

1:57 store

1:58 or completing an application

2:00 um transaction uh through a mobile app

2:04 or even having the option to pay over a

2:06 period of time customers want

2:08 flexibility when it comes to

2:10 payment options

2:11 the last one is really taking

2:14 acquisition of that product or service

2:16 so

2:16 customers are very busy today and they

2:18 want flexibility when

2:20 making a purchase and acquiring that

2:22 product which could mean taking receipt

2:25 of the product in the store uh a

2:27 contactless curbside pickup or my

2:30 favorite which is taking delivery of the

2:32 product either at a home or office

2:37 well all of those options sound

2:39 brilliant todd do you have a sense for

2:42 how this type of investment could drive

2:44 more business for retailers

2:47 absolutely you know sarah it's it's

2:50 very simple so

2:52 drive more frequent higher quality

2:54 engagement with your customer to create

2:56 a fantastic experience regardless of the

2:59 channel

3:00 and you will put your retail operation

3:02 in the best position to increase basket

3:05 size

3:06 revenue as well as customer satisfaction

3:09 the challenge the retailers think about

3:11 every day

3:12 is that it's going to take reliable

3:14 scalable and secure

3:16 technology and network to provide that

3:19 best-in-class experience and you know

3:21 the network is the heartbeat of that

3:23 solution

3:26 well given that it is the heartbeat

3:28 where would you recommend that retail it

3:30 teams put their focus

3:33 and and the for that flexibility

3:37 when we talk about retail store of the

3:39 future

3:40 here's where i would place my bets um

3:42 first is location-based services so

3:45 location-based services have been proven

3:47 to drive enhancements to

3:50 a customer's shopping experience with

3:52 the ability of in-store visitors to

3:55 quickly and efficiently find their way

3:56 around a store

3:58 especially given that many stores

4:00 frequently re-merchandize their store

4:02 shelves to keep things fresh and ensure

4:05 that customers are seeing more of the

4:07 store each time they visit

4:09 the second would be leveraging

4:11 technology to capture customer insights

4:13 to help drive associate engagement

4:16 and that's really key to creating that

4:18 great in-store experience

4:20 improving in-store and warehouse it

4:23 operations on the back end

4:25 with things like automated software

4:26 deployments and inventory tracking to

4:29 help drive both top and bottom line

4:31 revenue

4:32 and then keeping stores safe with things

4:35 like contact tracing

4:36 congestion alerting and adjusting staff

4:39 levels for

4:40 in-store peak traffic times

4:43 and finally enabling contactless

4:45 shopping experiences with the ability

4:48 for customers to buy online

4:50 and have curbside pickup available on

4:52 demand

4:53 these are all great examples of

4:55 leveraging technology to

4:57 drive operational efficiency

4:59 and

5:00 great customer experience

5:03 well todd i have certainly benefited

5:05 from these technologies and and the

5:07 experiences that they drive thank you

5:10 for sharing your insights

5:12 and tips on why retailers and their it

5:15 teams should continue to prioritize

5:18 the customer experience through

5:20 technologies like wi-fi and location

5:23 services

5:24 to learn more we have included a link to

5:27 todd's blog below

5:29 and while you're on the feed take some

5:31 time to soak up more industry news and

5:33 knowledge from experts like todd

5:36 thanks sarah and thanks everyone

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