Energy and Utilities

Critical infrastructure markets are driving intelligence to the distributed edge, where rich data sources can generate insights to improve operations, boost system availability, lower costs, and improve cybersecurity posture.  Whether converging single-purpose industrial and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems onto common network platforms, deploying new monitoring and processing edge applications, or converging the IT and OT network operation, Juniper Networks can help with digital transformation.

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How Juniper can help

Oil and gas

Data-driven insights for upstream, midstream and downstream operations will deliver better outcomes for business units, like reduced equipment failures, improved worker safety and increased performance. Deploying distributed applications at the operational edge requires scalable high performance networks that provide connected security and segmentation to multicloud environments. Juniper’s architecture for the next decade advances automation, increases cybersecurity, ensures regulatory compliance, lowers TCO, and elevates the user experience, from client to cloud.

Wind and solar

Juniper Networks is committed to the worldwide transition to renewable energy resources through our corporate governance, technology investment portfolio, and solutions set. Juniper’s network and security solutions support edge applications ranging from demand response and distributed automation for utilities, to acoustic sensors data reduction in wind turbines.  By extending our security, automation, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to renewable power resources at the distributed edge, Juniper helps to ensure and accelerate the energy transition.


Electric, gas and water utilities rely on Operational Technologies (OT) networks to support Industrial Control Systems (ICS) essential to their businesses. Historically, OT/ICS systems have been developed, implemented, and managed independent of IT networks. But as pressure on budgets mounts and business cases for modernizing the grid edge multiply, the benefits of reducing costs and streamlining operations are compelling utilities to reevaluate options for converging and modernizing communications infrastructure.  Juniper’s comprehensive portfolio of resilient hardware, pervasive security, and utilities specific automation ensures that safety and reliability are never compromised.


Providing Secure, Any-Device Access to Utility-Scale Wind Turbines

One Energy wanted to protect its wind turbines from cyberthreats while providing staff and clients with secure access to the turbines from any device, anywhere.

Based in Ohio, One Energy installs utility-scale wind turbines and manages some of the largest, high-profile wind projects in the world. The energy provider prides itself on minimizing risk and ensuring that projects are fully auditable for its customers.

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