Converged Industrial Edge

Industry has entered a transformational era. The network edge is fast becoming a source of rich data that, properly harnessed, can generate insights to improve operations, boost system availability, lower costs, and improve safety. A growing number of single-purpose industrial and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems are converging onto Ethernet, IP, and MPLS. Juniper helps industry embrace the digital era with resilient, industrial grade networking

How Juniper can help

We offer Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions to automate manual operations, accelerate delivery, optimize workflows, and lower TCO in your industrial network environment.

Industrial security that keeps pace with today’s rapidly growing threat landscape


Private clouds with open, standards-based communications and security platforms


AI-based wired and wireless LANs with advanced diagnostics and next-generation asset management and location services


WAN architectures that support deterministic applications


Automate Network Deployments
Juniper Professional Services helping customer network teams evolve to a DevOps environment.
Unleash Experience-First Networking
With our new Paragon Automation solutions, Juniper Networks can help you deliver “Experience-First Networking.”
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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies, like other industrial verticals, face many challenges on the journey to digital transformation. Modernized networks must seamlessly enable new, business-impact applications from the remote, operational edge to the cloud.


Electric, gas and water utilities rely on operational technologies (OT) networks to support industrial control systems (ICS) essential to their businesses. Juniper’s comprehensive portfolio of resilient hardware, pervasive security, and specific automation ensures that safety and reliability are never compromised.