Electric, gas and water utilities rely on Operational Technologies (OT) networks to support Industrial Control Systems (ICS) essential to their businesses. Historically, OT/ICS systems have been developed, implemented, and managed independent of IT networks. But as pressure on budgets mounts and business cases for modernizing the grid edge multiply, the benefits of reducing costs and streamlining operations are compelling utilities to reevaluate options for converging and modernizing communications infrastructure.  Juniper’s comprehensive portfolio of resilient hardware, pervasive security, and specific automation ensures that safety and reliability are never compromised.

How Juniper can help

As climate events and a changing energy mix introduce complexity, a private, automation-forward network with open, standards-based security baked into every packet, process and port increases situational climate agility and minimizes cyber attacks while reducing operations costs. Juniper’s solutions help utilities modernize grid and substation communications with secure architectures that gracefully scale to support a new generation of edge applications.


  • Private, on-premise, multi-vendor networking solutions to avoid lock in and insure best-of-breed solutions.
  • Automated WAN networks that support the industry’s most demanding applications like teleprotection.
  • End-to-End, deny-by-default, zero-trust cybersecurity with active response to fast moving, East-West attacks

Private networks with open, standards-based communications and security platforms


WAN architectures that support deterministic applications


Cap-and-grow migration solutions that don’t require global rip and replace


Resilient, repeatable automation of common tasks



Jackson Electric Co-Op Sees 30% Work-from-Home Internet Surge

When the coronavirus crisis forced the shutdown of America, Jackson Electric Cooperative turned it up. Broadband Internet became a lifeline for the residents of Matagorda Bay, Texas, in the U.S., with miles of Gulf Coast beaches and fresh oysters, blue crab, and shrimp. Jackson Electric’s smart community network, built on a foundation of Juniper routing, easily handled a 30% surge in Internet traffic and a 130% spike in subscriber connections.

Jackson Electric Cooperative Image
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