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AI policies and procedures? Better get on that.

In a recent report from Juniper Networks, more than 90 percent of respondents said their enterprises were very reliant on AI systems to assist in decision making. At the same time, less than 10 percent have AI policies and procedures in place to help guide them. In this short video, Juniper’s Bob Friday explains how proper policy, governance, and structure can help build a better product, accelerate development, and drive company growth. 

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You’ll learn

  • The biggest risks for companies that don’t establish AI governance and how to avoid them 

  • Bob Friday’s important advice for companies balancing AI growth and governance 

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Jessica Harrington Headshot
Jessica Harrington
Editor-in-Chief, The Feed, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Bob Friday
VP and CTO, AI-Driven Enterprise Business, Juniper Networks


0:00 a recent juniper report found 94 of

0:02 respondents said they're moderately or

0:04 very reliant on their ai systems to

0:07 assist in decision making but at the

0:09 same time

0:10 a mere nine percent have put policies

0:13 and procedures in place like

0:14 establishing a company-wide ai leader to

0:17 ensure responsible ai growth

0:19 that's a big gap in governance

0:22 bob friday juniper's chief ai officer

0:24 and co-founder of ms systems that's at

0:27 the very heart of juniper's own ai

0:29 portfolio is with us to share why this

0:31 could be a problem and how you can get

0:33 ahead of it so bob what's the biggest

0:35 risk for companies that don't work to

0:38 establish ai governments

0:40 yeah

0:41 jessica i would say there's probably

0:42 three big areas i would tell

0:44 businesses and companies to take a look

0:46 at in the context they died the first

0:48 one is around esg you know this is

0:51 really with your investors and your

0:52 customers you know are we going to start

0:54 to see our investors and our customers

0:56 requiring ai principles and guidelines

1:00 in their rfp

1:01 you know so that's one big risk area

1:03 they need to take a look at the second

1:04 is just around regulations you know what

1:06 we're seeing in europe right now you

1:08 know we're starting to see the first of

1:10 ai regulations really around defining

1:12 you know ai apps that do with safety

1:14 this is uh

1:15 medical cancer prediction thomas driving

1:18 that they're starting to put regulation

1:20 on these apps that you know

1:21 companies and businesses need to be

1:23 aware of in the us we're trying to see

1:24 it more distribute each fda each

1:27 department in the u.s is starting to

1:29 create their own framework so that's a

1:30 risk area that companies need keeping on

1:32 and finally another interesting one is

1:34 really around data violation

1:36 you know similar to open source where if

1:38 you put ip in your product or open

1:40 source

1:41 rights too

1:42 if you acquire companies that are using

1:44 ii you need to really make sure that

1:46 they have the right to use the data they

1:48 use to train those models

1:50 if you had one piece of advice for

1:52 companies balancing ai growth versus

1:54 governance what would it be

1:57 i'd say i had to give them two pieces of

1:58 advice you know one would be first of

2:00 all

2:01 do an internal audit both external and

2:04 internal for both your product you know

2:05 or using ai in your product and even

2:08 more importantly internally you know or

2:10 you're starting to see

2:11 uh ai tools and hr be bought right you

2:15 know make sure that you know people who

2:17 are actually using these ai2s

2:19 understands the responsibilities you

2:21 know and make sure they're not you know

2:23 unwittingly creating unfairness or bias

2:25 somewhere in the in the business

2:27 sometimes governance policies can hinder

2:29 growth can focusing on ai governance

2:32 actually lead to growth

2:35 well there's actually a governance you

2:36 actually need inside your you know

2:38 product teams you know and this is

2:40 really around if you're doing ml machine

2:43 learning models you need to make sure

2:45 you actually have governance in place to

2:47 actually look for data drift you know

2:49 because you'll actually see drift even

2:50 across the clouds you know because you

2:52 have different customer bases you know

2:54 if you're operating on the google cloud

2:55 versus the amazon or azure cloud you may

2:58 find that the model you train for the

3:00 google cloud is slightly different than

3:02 your customer base on your amazon cloud

3:05 you know so those that's cases where you

3:07 know

3:08 actually having governance in place will

3:09 actually help build a better product and

3:11 help accelerate product and i think the

3:13 other thing we talked about risk is you

3:15 know as we start to see ai principles

3:17 become more of an esg discussion uh if

3:20 you don't have these things in place

3:21 you'll start to see

3:23 investors asking for them or you'll

3:24 start to see these requirements pop up

3:27 in our your rfps

3:29 great well bob thanks for sharing your

3:31 insights on how companies can

3:33 responsibly get ahead with ai

3:35 to learn more we've included a link to

3:37 some juniper ai resources and bob's blog

3:40 below and while you're on the feed take

3:42 some time to soak up some more industry

3:44 news and knowledge

3:45 [Music]

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