Juniper Mist Cloud and ServiceNow Integration for Managed Service Providers Solution Brief

Automating Day 0, 1, and 2 with Juniper Mist and ServiceNow seamless integration.

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Fulfilling and managing large, multi-solution services can be a costly and inefficient process for service providers.



Juniper and ServiceNow have integrated solutions to provide a simple, cost-effective means to deliver and manage the multitude of services enterprises require in a simple, efficient, and fully automated manner.



The open API framework of the Juniper Mist Cloud eliminates costly systems integrations. Automated workflows are leveraged across the full stack to execute configuration, activation, and management. It results in speedier time to service, reduced cost to serve, improved revenue recognition, and simplified operations.


The Challenge

One of the foremost challenges faced by service providers today is the complexities of pulling together a single service offering that can be comprised of multiple connection models and varying network components. Hastening the need for improved efficiencies in this area is the continuing adoption of cloud-based applications necessitating the need for secure SD-WAN and high-performing Wi-Fi, the increased desire for 5G mobility, and imminent closure of the traditional PSTN network.

However, putting each of these together as a single service offering has traditionally been challenging for the service provider. Inter-department relationships and manual processes are the gatekeepers to provisioning and fulfilment. Mistakes result in costly delays of service and high levels of operational expense. Integration of all the vendors and systems required to deliver a smooth efficient deployment is expensive and unreliable. On top of each of these challenges are the growing internal pressures to address shrinking margins, a widening competitive field, and growing resource gap.

Furthermore, once a service is up and running, delays can then arise in the problem resolution process. Manual dispositioning can result in undocumented tasks and can lead to increased losses into revenue recognition opportunities.


Juniper Mist Cloud and ServiceNow Integration

To address the inherent service provider complexities in fulfilling large, multi-service solutions, ServiceNow and Juniper Networks partnered to automate the entire process of order and provisioning of Juniper AI-Native Campus and Branch solutions with little to zero human intervention. This integration significantly simplifies operations, reduces manual errors, and improves the operational costs and efficiencies during the ordering and provisioning process.

Figure 1: Juniper–ServiceNow Integration

Figure 1: Juniper–ServiceNow Integration

Managed service providers can integrate this solution quickly and easily into existing ecosystems without the need for costly systems integrations contracts.


Features and Benefits

Juniper AI-Native Campus and Branch solutions including wired, wireless, and SD-WAN are pre-defined and deployed as menu driven templates in ServiceNow to be easily selected upon order. These pre-configurations allow for streamlined provisioning and support using workflows to reduce costs and can massively reduce time to market for new deployments and ongoing organizational change management (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Mist configuration templates in ServiceNow

Figure 2: Mist configuration templates in ServiceNow

Little to no human intervention is required during this process as customer provided data is all that is required to execute the provisioning process.

When deployed, Juniper Mist Cloud actions such as site creation, configuration, and device claiming can be seamlessly integrated into the service provider’s broader workflows (Figure 3). The ability to rapidly execute Day 0 and Day 1 operations without error results in more opportunities to win, faster time to revenue, and improved customer loyalty.

Figure 3: Automated workflow execution of Mist site creation and template assignments in ServiceNow

Figure 3: Automated workflow execution of Mist site creation and template assignments in ServiceNow

Once customer deployment is complete, real-time insights and AI-based actions from the Juniper Mist Cloud are streamlined into ServiceNow for unparalleled Day 2 automation to further minimize operational complexity. This additional app-based integration ensures that disruptions identified by the Juniper Mist Cloud and actioned by the Marvis virtual network assistant (VNA) are communicated to ServiceNow via API so that appropriate provider actions are taken. For example, if in the case of a bad cable being detected by Marvis in the Mist Cloud, Marvis can signal to ServiceNow the issue and it can trigger a set of automated workflows to drive faster resolution of the problem.

Beyond rapid troubleshooting, this automated documentation of remediation efforts also results in an essential economic benefit as it is important to ensure that billing and service renewals are correct and unambiguous for revenue identification. The following figure shows an example of a workflow facilitated by this integration (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Optimized fault resolution

Figure 4: Optimized fault resolution

Solution Components

The combined Juniper Mist Cloud and ServiceNow integration includes:

Juniper AI-Native Campus and Branch SolutionsJuniper Mist is the only vendor with a fully integrated AI-Native portfolio of campus and branch solutions. By uniquely bringing wireless access, wired access, SD-WAN, Indoor Location, NAC and firewalling under a common Mist AI engine and microservices cloud infrastructure, Juniper’s full stack campus and branch solution is the quickest to deploy and easiest to operate, resulting in the lowest TCO and OPEX and the best end-to-end assured user experiences.
Juniper Mist Cloud SubscriptionsWi-Fi, Wired, and WAN Assurance provide access to templates in the Juniper Mist Cloud for config and deployment, as well as access to insights for Day 2 monitoring and troubleshooting.
Juniper ServiceNow AppThe integration of ServiceNow and Juniper Mist AITM streamlines the entire process from customer onboarding, order management, provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and alerting.

Downloadable here Juniper ServiceNow App
ServiceNowIncluding releases Washington DC, Vancouver, Utah, and Tokyo
ServiceNow Integration Hub Starter Pack InstallerA Now Platform® application for process automation and integrations that uses common protocols (e.g., APIs, JDBC, PowerShell, or common line scripting and languages) to interact with external platforms in ServiceNow®. Process owners and developers can use IH to build reusable spokes and integration actions that execute demands against an external system
ServiceNow Integration Hub Action Template – Data StreamEnable platform Data Sources to load data from Integration Hub Data Stream actions. A Data Stream is a stream of response data larger than 10 MB or data that returns paginated results. Successful execution of the Data Stream action returns a complex data output stream that the Data Source consumes. For more information, see Data stream actions and pagination. Complex data allows you to encode and store structured data in a machine-readable format. Based on Data Source configuration, complex objects can be either flattened into an import table or serialized completely as JSON data into a single column.


Reduce cost to serve and complexity with Juniper Mist Cloud and ServiceNow Integration

Faced with myriad challenges, the Juniper Mist Cloud and ServiceNow integration unlocks huge potential for Managed Service Providers. In leveraging this joint innovation providers can reduce cost, improve time to market and deliver new capabilities in a fraction of the time compared to traditional integrations.

Service provider benefits include:

  • Catalog-based products and services offered for wired, wireless, SD-WAN, and security services.
  • Streamlined customer onboarding and order management process.
  • End-to-end network service provisioning, monitoring, and alerting
  • Automation that minimizes manual workflows and operator errors

Built upon Juniper’s transformative vision of experience-first networking and a 100% open API architecture, this integration along with others including Cradlepoint for 5G service facilitation, allows providers to transform their IT estate quickly and efficiently by consolidating management tools, gaining better end-to-end visibility, and further automating processes to maximize cost and efficiency.


Next Steps

Contact your Juniper Partner Account Manager to arrange a demonstration and short discussion on the features and benefits that could be realized by working with Juniper and ServiceNow.


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