Telco and Edge Cloud

Service providers are embracing telco and edge cloud to deliver 5G services and realize new revenues. Juniper’s open, cloud-native architecture enables you to be more responsive to customers’ rapidly changing business needs.

Deliver enhanced customer experiences with a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that makes telco and edge clouds easy to design, deploy, and operate. Our universal cloud framework enables workload portability, economies of scale, and operational consistency and independence across hybrid cloud and multicloud ecosystems.

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How Juniper can help

Our universal cloud framework simplifies operations across all your data center and cloud locations with integrated switching, routing, analytics, automation, and security.


Open, cloud-native networking

Juniper integrates switching, routing, analytics, automation, and security with our Contrail Networking SDN solution, available in open-source and commercial distributions. Contrail Networking combines virtualized and cloud-native workloads in a horizontal cloud platform to deliver any infrastructure and any revenue-generating service.


Platform automation

Enhanced with Paragon Insights analytics and the intent-based Juniper Apstra System, our telco and edge cloud solution automates network operations, troubleshooting, and security to simplify lifecycle management. The solution frees you to focus more on your business, customers, and revenue and less on managing your cloud infrastructure.


Network edge flexibility

Our universal cloud platform makes it easy and cost-effective to spin up and manage remote compute instances and Kubernetes clusters at scale. Cloud neutrality allows operators to build and self-manage edge clouds or consume them as a service, establishing a point of value creation for innovative revenue models and operational economics fully under their control.

Resource Center

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