Telco and Edge Cloud

Service providers are deploying telco and edge clouds to deliver 5G services and realize new revenues. Juniper’s cloud-native, software-defined networking (SDN)-based solution makes these clouds easy to design, deploy, and operate.

Our universal framework delivers automation, security, and service assurance across the physical, virtualized, and containerized telco cloud. It enables workload portability, economies of scale, and operational consistency among hybrid cloud and multicloud ecosystems. With our open, cloud-native architecture, you can be more responsive to customers’ rapidly changing business needs and deliver enhanced experiences. 

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How Juniper can help

The Juniper universal cloud framework simplifies operations across all your data center and cloud locations with integrated switching, routing, analytics, automation, security, and service assurance.

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Open, cloud-native networking

Our Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2) SDN provides dynamic end-to-end policy and control across data centers and clouds for any deployment. Kubernetes-native capabilities automate hybrid containerized/virtualized workload networking and deliver any infrastructure and any revenue-generating service.

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Network stack automation

Enhanced with cloud-native capabilities, Paragon Insights analytics, and Juniper Apstra intent-based networking software, our telco and edge cloud solution automates network operations, troubleshooting, and security to simplify the lifecycle management of multivendor telco and edge clouds. You’re free to focus more on your business, customers, and revenue and less on managing your cloud infrastructure.

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Assured service experience

Paragon Active Assurance ensures that services delivered across physical, hybrid, and virtual networks meet customer expectations for performance, latency, and uptime.

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Background Information

Become a Cloud-First Service Provider: Building a 5G Network Powered by Telco Cloud

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