Deutsche Telekom and Juniper Networks turn transformational intent into Telco Cloud reality

To replace their aging voice platform, Deutsche Telekom embraced a strategic vision to implement an open, horizontal telco cloud platform to meet all current and future virtualization needs efficiently and economically. Built upon a state-of-the-art architecture, end-to-end automation, and DevOps collaboration, the Next Generation IMS (NIMS) telco cloud today delivers value and innovation to Deutsche Telekom’s customers.


Company Deutsche Telekom
Industry Service Provider
Products used Contrail NetworkingQFX10008 and QFX10016QFX5100
Region EMEA
Deutsche Telekom Image
Customer Success At-a-glance


Time improvement to update the NFVI infrastructure


Automation of NFVI test cases

1 Day

To build and configure the NFVI cloud

“Deutsche Telekom chose Juniper Networks to implement our vision, a universal cloud-based service platform. Partnering with multiple vendors, Juniper supported DT delivering a fully automated, cloud native, telco cloud architecture, which enabled a broad portfolio of VNFs/CNFs, in order to quickly turn ideas into reality and make real-time changes, without impacting customers.”
Christoph Hilz Group Head Voice & Messaging (DevOps), Deutsche Telekom

Published April 2022