Cloud-Native Contrail Networking

Juniper Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2) is a software-defined networking (SDN) platform that automates the creation and management of virtual networks. It lets you connect, isolate, and secure workloads in both private and public clouds. Integrated with OpenStack, OpenShift, and Kubernetes, CN2 provides hybrid SDN orchestration and centralized control of virtualized switching, routing, security, load balancing, and more.

CN2 is suited to multicluster environments shared by many tenants, teams, applications, and engineering phases. It scales across virtual networks, policies, and compute instances to manage virtual network clusters of thousands of nodes in the most demanding environments.

Key Features

  • Hybrid SDN for Kubernetes, OpenShift, and OpenStack
  • Advanced routing, optional overlays, and virtual network topologies
  • Security and service chaining
  • Multicluster management / federation
  • GitOps and CI/CD pipeline services
  • Web GUI-based real time visualization, monitoring, and management

Features + Benefits

Cloud-Native Networking

Kubernetes-native with operational consistency across private bare-metal and public clouds. 

SDN for Hybrid Orchestration

Kubernetes and OpenStack integration for evolving to cloud-native with investment protection.

NetOps-Driven Automation

Delivers infrastructure as code to achieve software quality at hyperscaler efficiency and speed.

One-to-Many Economics

Centralized and federated Kubernetes multicluster networking for efficient operations at scale under a single point of control.

Ultra-Fast Performance

Distributed data plane with kernel-mode, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), and SmartNIC acceleration for delivering SLA-conformant telco services.

Container Security

Delivers microsegmentation, encryption, and security at Layers 4–7 for cloud-native applications when paired with the cSRX Container Firewall.

Resource Center

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Deutsche Telekom turns telco cloud vision into results

Deutsche Telekom is the premier network operator in Germany and one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. It serves 245 million mobile customers and has 25 million fixed-network and 21 million broadband lines deployed.  In addition, the company offers IPTV products and services to consumers and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to business customers.

DT embarked on a unique collaboration with Juniper to build a second-generation telco cloud platform with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology at its core. End-to-end automation and DevOps practices allow DT to move with game-changing agility and scale, while assuring operational efficiency.

Deutsche Telekom Image

Test-Drive Cloud-Native Contrail Networking

Try CN2 for free and get a first-hand look at how to solve your most challenging multicloud requirements.

Apstra and CN2 5G Economics and ROI

Learn how Juniper reduces TCO by 23% with an ROI of 312%

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