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Get a first-hand look at how CN2 solves your most challenging multicloud requirements. The free trial entitles you to test drive this latest edition (available in 2022) for non-commercial, non-production use in Kubernetes clusters of up to 10 nodes.

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Evaluate the new architecture and updated features, including:

  • Simple setup in minutes in various Kubernetes distributions and minikube
  • Kubernetes custom-resource definitions (CRD) and APIs that natively extend Kubernetes
  • The ability to use the Kubernetes API for service coordination/accounts and IAM/RBAC for all Contrail objects
  • Multi-cluster CNI from a single Contrail instance
  • Optional integration with tools for cloud-native infrastructure and analytics, including:
       * Lens GUI, with a Contrail Networking plug-in
       * ArgoCD, for networking GitOps
       * Prometheus, for Contrail and cluster time-series metrics & alerts
       * Grafana, for telemetry visualization
       * InfluxDB, for network flow telemetry
       * Elastic+Kibana, for logging


Of course, you’ll still have the same time-trusted, carrier-grade scaling, performance and features available in our standard Contrail Networking edition and covered in our documentation.