Indonet accelerates digital growth in Indonesia with automated data centers

Indonesia has ambitious plans for economic growth fueled by the digital economy. Indonet, a leading digital infrastructure provider in the country, is helping drive that growth by expanding its connectivity, data center, and cloud services. Its newest data center in Jakarta relies on a highly automated network from Juniper.


Company Indonet
Industry Service Provider
Products used QFX5100Juniper Apstra
Region APAC
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Uptime performance for service-level agreement operations in 2021


Expected cost savings due to automated network provisioning and monitoring


Revenue growth from 2020 to 2021


Tedious manual tasks with repeatable blueprints


Meet surging demand for digital infrastructure

“Our vision is to become a digital infrastructure enabler,” says Nic Tjioe, senior vice president of sales at Indonet.

Established in 1994 as the country’s first private ISP, Indonet has a mission to build and drive digital transformation in Indonesia. Indonet is growing rapidly as it serves financial services firms, e-commerce companies, hyperscale cloud providers, and small and medium-sized businesses.

To meet rising demand for digital infrastructure in Jakarta, Indonet is building EDGE2, a massive data center with 23 mW of power and room for 3400 cabinets, just a few kilometers from EDGE1, the facility Indonet opened in 2021. Indonet wanted to automate the setup and operations of both data center networks and unite them in a seamless virtual environment.

“Manually provisioning our legacy network takes a lot of time and has a higher risk factor for error,” says Rahman Isnaini, business solution manager at Indonet.

Indonet Challenge

Shift to intent-based automation and operations

Indonet turned to Juniper Apstra for intent-based network automation and operations in both data centers.

“Our network supports our customers’ mission-critical applications, and with Apstra, we have clear visibility and the ability to predict problems before they occur,” says Tjioe.

Indonet used Apstra to automate and validate the design, deployment, and operation of the EVPN/VXLAN overlay and IP fabric underlay, both built on Juniper QFX5110 Switches, at its new EDGE2 data center. Validated templates and zero-touch provisioning enable reliable data center operations and reduce deployment times.

Because Apstra is the only solution of its kind with multivendor support, Indonet also uses Apstra to automate provisioning and operations of its EDGE1 data center, built on another supplier’s equipment. With Apstra, Indonet’s operations team has a single source of truth, powerful analytics, and root cause identification to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues across both data centers.

“We estimate that Apstra will deliver a 20% cost efficiency,” says Isnaini.

Indonet Solution

Serve Indonesia’s growing digital needs

With scalable, automated networking, Indonet can bring digital infrastructure to more parts of Indonesia with greater efficiency and sustainability. Indonet sees a big opportunity in the manufacturing sector, in support of the government’s Industry 4.0 initiative to transform manufacturing and expand exports.

“We can provision services faster with Apstra,” says Isnaini. “With Juniper, we can simplify our network and build more scalable digital infrastructure.”

Apstra brings not only an operational efficiency advantage, but also helps the Indonet team train new data center operations staff and free up skilled engineers for strategic work.

“With automation, fewer people can do more work and there are fewer errors,” says Isnaini.

Indonet Outcome
“When it comes to the network, Juniper is an unparalleled leader. We can build highly reliable, cost-optimized digital infrastructure backbone to bring seamless services to market faster.”
Den Tossi Ishak COO, Indonet
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Published November 2022