Cloud-native applications exploit the dynamic resource availability and scalability of modern clouds. Distributed and microservices-based in nature, they consist of workloads that run across multiple domains, requiring that their associated networking and security policies to dynamically follow them.

Juniper cloud-native solutions go far beyond basic connectivity by delivering the scale, performance, and security levels that can free your DevOps team from unneeded complexity and focus them instead on application innovation.

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How Juniper can help

We ease the tasks of maintaining reliability and security throughout your distributed environment in a number of ways. Among them: inter-application flow discovery, machine learning, and real-time monitoring and analytics.


Application flow discovery

Enables visualization, analytics, and orchestration across your distributed cloud-native environment.


Machine learning

Helps reduce your risk from unauthorized traffic and provides deep insight into application interactions to detect anomalies and take corrective action.


Real-time monitoring and analytics

Support a mix of bare-metal systems in private cloud, virtual machines in OpenStack, and containers in Kubernetes environments, as well as applications in public clouds services.



Cloud-native applications, based on Kubernetes, are highly portable and can exist in multiple environments. Abstract resources like network and security policy across multiple clouds, regions, zones, and accounts.

The State of Network Automation Report (SoNAR)

Discover the impact of automation. The 2020 SoNAR, sponsored by Juniper, reveals how today's use of automation affects engineers, NetOps teams, and business.

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