Juniper Cloud-Native Router

The Cloud-Native Router takes full advantage of container economics and operational efficiencies, giving service providers the flexibility they need to deploy 5G. The performant, software-based router combines Juniper’s proven routing technology, the Junos OS containerized routing protocol daemon (cRPD), and Contrail vRouter DPDK forwarding plane for x86 processors. It integrates seamlessly with the Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) framework.

The router complements Juniper’s physical routers with advanced networking features for cloud-native environments where space, power, and cooling are limited. Based on the same Junos OS routing technology, hybrid physical and virtual networks provide a single experience end to end. The Cloud-Native Router is a key component in the 5G Distributed Radio Access Network (D-RAN) and in 5G Core data centers hosted in hyperscaler cloud environments.

Key Features

  • Proven Junos OS routing
  • Performant forwarding plane
  • Kubernetes CNI-compliant
  • Light footprint

Features + Benefits

Advanced Service Integration

Easily integrate cloud-native, advanced Junos OS networking services into cloud applications, accelerating development and increasing reliability. The router is designed to support service providers with Layer-3 VPNs, MPLS, dynamic service configuration, fault detection, high-availability configurations, dynamic routing protocols, and more. 

Fast Packet Processing

The Contrail vRouter DPDK forwarding plane enables high packet throughput for enhanced router performance.

Light Footprint

Deployable anywhere compute resources are available, the router takes advantage of fragmented resources, making it ideal for cloud-native deployments. 

Deployment Simplicity

The Cloud-Native Router works seamlessly in NetOps 2.0 environments and can also be managed using traditional network operations methods.

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