A Forrester TEI Study: Proven 320% ROI with Juniper Apstra

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The still from the video shows an image of three people in business suits clapping. The caption on the picture reads, “After spending $275,000 for Juniper Apstra, a composite organization realized $1,151,000 in quantified benefits over three years.” The Juniper logo is in the bottom right corner.

Research proves that Apstra pays for itself –– and then some.

Juniper commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the total economic impact of the Apstra intent-based networking solution. The results? A typical organization experiences benefits of $925,000 over three years, an ROI of 320%, and a payback period of less than six months. This short video lays out all the important details and highlights the many benefits Apstra can bring to your business. 

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You’ll learn

  • The huge impact of deploying a low-code networking solution that can efficiently support an environment with multivendor devices 

  • How Apstra helped organizations save more than 60% in design, provisioning, deployment, and operations full-time equivalent (FTE) hours 

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Network Professionals Business Leaders