Building a New SDN and NFV Network Service Infrastructure with Juniper

Orange Business Services is a global IT and communications services provider with customers in 220 countries. Connectivity services are at the heart of its offerings, representing a third of its business. The provider partnered with Juniper to deliver more agile services through automation and virtualization.


Company Orange Business Services
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX SeriesvSRX
Region EMEA
"We know the network can deliver significant value to our customers, but it’s the innovation in the network that really makes exciting things possible—with virtualization and automation."
Pierre-Louis Biaggi Head of the Network Solutions Business Unit, Orange Business Services

Business Challenge

Orange Business Services maintains a close relationship with its customers. In 2013, an in-depth survey found that many of those SMB customers were looking for greater agility from their network services.

Technology Solution

Orange Business Services chose to partner with Juniper because of its proven, open technology, a strong track record in delivering innovative virtualized networks, and a shared vision for SDN. Orange Business Service’s new Easy Go Network is driven by MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, Contrail Controller, and the vSRX virtual firewall.

Business Results

The Easy Go Network enables customers to turn on new services in minutes, using a self-service portal. Time-to-market is greatly reduced, and service automation and virtualization have driven down operational costs. The new platform also helps Orange Business Services develop new SMB and international markets.

"NFV technology will enable our services to evolve even further. It will bring us the capability to offer new services to our customers in a very agile and flexible way, and the capability to bring up new functionalities on our network very quickly, coming from multiple partners."
Pierre-Louis Biaggi Head of the Network Solutions Business Unit, Orange Business Services