Service Provider Security

Protect users, applications, and infrastructure by extending threat intelligence to all network connection points.

Network operators face large volumes of threats with the potential to disrupt their services. With the acceleration of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and multicloud adoption, the security landscape is only growing more complex and sophisticated. Service providers need a modern strategy to stay ahead of the continual stream of new threats without sacrificing network performance and potentially diminishing the customer experience.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper Connected Security safeguards users, applications, and infrastructure by extending threat intelligence to all connection points across your network. The approach includes firewalls but doesn’t stop there. Instead, we believe in using the entire network infrastructure to detect threats on multiple fronts so you can reliably protect against even the most advanced attacks.

5G-ready performance

The SPC3 Services Processing Card, available on both SRX5000 Series Services Gateways and MX Series edge routers, delivers industry-leading, carrier-grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) and stateful firewalling performance. It also allows you to make the 4G-to-5G transition without having to rip and replace your security infrastructure. For network slicing and distributed edge cloud, the vSRX Virtual Firewall and cSRX Container Firewall protect virtualized and containerized deployments.

Inline DDoS protection

Juniper and Corero have jointly developed an innovative defense against DDoS attacks that uses Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms and software intelligence. The cooperative solution combines the benefits of inspecting traffic at the packet level with the power of infrastructure-based enforcement. It enables real-time, highly accurate, and automated mitigation of DDoS attacks with unprecedented performance that reaches tens of terabits of throughput.

Integrated security intelligence (SecIntel)

Juniper’s SecIntel real-time threat intelligence feed enables automatic and responsive traffic filtering anywhere across the network. Extended to Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms, SecIntel offers an additional layer of threat prevention that detects, blocks, and stops command and control (C&C) traffic discovered by Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention products, Juniper Threat Labs, and custom blacklists. It all happens at wire speed.

Juniper Secure Connect

This client-based SSL VPN application allows you to securely connect and access protected resources on your network. When combined with SRX Series Services Gateways, it helps organizations quickly establish dynamic, flexible, and adaptable connectivity from devices anywhere across the globe. Juniper Secure Connect extends visibility and enforcement from client to cloud using secure VPN connections.

Encrypted traffic insights

The latest feature of Juniper ATP Cloud and SRX Series firewalls enables the detection of malicious botnet traffic that is “going dark” via encryption. This capability delivers greater visibility and policy control over encrypted traffic without requiring resource-intensive SSL decryption. Customers running Juniper SRX firewalls have no additional hardware or network changes to set up and manage.

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Securing 4G to 5G Evolution with Juniper Connected Security