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Zero Trust Data Center

Operationalize zero trust across all centers of data

Data centers are quickly becoming “centers of data” where applications and workloads are distributed across multiple private and public cloud environments, which increases complexity and creates a larger attack surface. Juniper Connected Security automates zero trust across all centers of data at scale, regardless of the architecture, via a unified management experience, a single policy framework, and the most effective threat protection in the industry.

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99.9% Security Effectiveness

Juniper received an “AAA” rating in CyberRatings’ 2023 Enterprise Network Firewall Report, demonstrating a 99.9% exploit block rate with zero false positives.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper’s data center security solution safeguards applications, data, and infrastructure with the industry’s first distributed security services architecture; sustainable high-performance firewalls—physical, virtual, and containerized; and a single management platform and policy framework that makes it easy to automate zero trust principles across any and all data center environments. Leverage the network itself—including switches, routers, and access points; public and private cloud platforms; and third-party devices—to take an active role in protecting data across every point of connection, turning them into enforcement points and creating a threat-aware network.

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Automate zero trust

Extend zero trust security across hybrid environments, enforcing authorized access and micro-segmentation, with Juniper Security Director Cloud’s centralized policy enforcer. Create effective security policies that follow applications wherever they go as they move to new cloud environments, without having to manually reconfigure.

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Scale out like never before

Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture removes single points of failure and makes the limitations associated with chassis size and form factor things of the past. No matter the size or location of your distributed data center, you can manage all security services as one logical unit, creating near-infinite scale without complexity.

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The industry’s most effective security

All Juniper firewalls—physical, virtual, and containerized—have been proven to be the most effective in the industry against threats to your data and infrastructure by multiple, objective, third-party tests over the past four years. Combined with ultra-high performance, cryptographic provisioning, and AI-predictive threat prevention, Juniper reduces risk and operational overhead.

Customer Success

AI-driven, zero trust network yields business agility for AmeriTrust

AmeriTrust, a specialty insurance commercial underwriter and administration services company, looked to digital transformation to fuel growth. It embarked on an ambitious effort to streamline IT operations, strengthen cybersecurity, and drive business success in an unpredictable and changing world.

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Discover 283% ROI with Juniper Connected Security

Check out the recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Juniper Connected Security report to learn more.

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Zero Trust Data Center FAQs

What is Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution?

As data centers become more distributed, organizations face increased risk due to architectural blind spots. Securing these centers of data also becomes more complex as the number of centers multiplies. Juniper Networks addresses these challenges with an experience-first approach to security and operationalizes this architectural transition.

Our Zero Trust Data Center security solution offers the industry's first distributed services architecture, which integrates with Juniper's routing infrastructure. We provide four new high-performance, compact, and power-efficient firewalls in the expanded SRX Series, AI-predictive threat prevention, and a unified platform to manage firewalls and policies across all environments.

Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution enables organizations to implement Zero Trust and operationalize the transition to new architectures at their own pace, empowering them to secure their data centers effectively.

What are the benefits of the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution?

Here are some of the benefits of the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution:

  • Scale out like never before
    Scale horizontally and elastically, regardless of form factor, and manage all firewalls as one logical unit for near-infinite scale without complexity. With Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture, you can remove single points of failure and limitations associated with chassis size and form factor.
  • Unified platform and a single policy framework
    Create policies once and apply them across all environments (hybrid, cloud, on-premises) and firewalls of all form factors via a unified platform. These policies are dynamic, follow the applications and data regardless of location, and are aligned with user and device policies. With Juniper, you get unbroken visibility, policy configuration, administration, and collective threat intelligence using a single interface.
  • High-security efficacy with performance
    Security should never slow down your network and negatively impact user experience. With Juniper, you no longer have to choose between performance and security. For the past four years, Juniper has been consistently validated by multiple third-party tests as the most effective security technology on the market, with over 99.9% security efficacy across all use cases. Our latest SRX Series Firewalls are ultra-high-performance, compact, and power-efficient.
  • Threat-aware network
    Juniper integrates security across all platforms from Layers 2– 7 of the OSI model, turning the network into sensor and enforcement points. With the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center solution, you can stop compromise and lateral movement at every point of connection in your network, reducing the overall impact of a breach.

Who should deploy the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution?

Any organization, big or small, looking to secure its centers of data and operationalize zero trust across its network without worrying about scalability, efficacy, and performance should deploy the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center solution. The Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution leverages your existing investments and allows you to orchestrate, provision, and manage security deployments and extend all existing policies efficiently and effectively to new environments via a single user interface.

What use cases does Zero Trust Data Center security solution support?

These are the four DC security use cases managed via the Security Director cloud:

  1. DC WAN gateway (DC access protection)
    Control who and what can access resources—data, applications, and services—in your data center. The DC WAN gateway is the first line of defense, and access policies must align with user policies at the edge.
  2. Intra-DC (east-west traffic and segmentation)
    Prevent attackers from moving laterally inside on-premises or cloud DCs by creating micro-segments that limit the impact of a successful attack. 
  3. Cloud/DC interconnect (application connectivity and data exchange)
    Control data flow while optimizing scale. The data in transit between data center locations should be secured, whether between two cloud data centers or an on-prem and a cloud DC.
  4. Public cloud (application access and data exchange)
    Many public cloud environments offer their own native security controls, but within zero trust, access to public cloud resources must align with application access policies in your other data center environments.

What are the components of the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution?

The core components of the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center security solution are:

Security Director Cloud: Use Juniper Security Director Cloud for a simple and seamless firewall management experience across on-premises, cloud-based, cloud-delivered, and hybrid security deployments. You get unbroken visibility, policy configuration, administration, and collective threat intelligence all in one place, using a single interface.

SRX Series Firewalls: The SRX Series are industry-leading, high-performance next-gen firewalls with proven security efficacy that protect data and applications and secure access by enforcing and aligning policies across all data center environments, including private cloud, public cloud, and cloud-native. These firewalls are available in various form factors—physical, virtual, and containerized—managed via a single user interface.

Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention: Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) is the threat intelligence hub for the network, with a litany of built-in advanced threat services that use the power of AI and ML to detect attacks and optimize enforcement. Juniper ATP finds and blocks commodity and zero-day malware within files, IP traffic, and DNS requests. The service assesses risk from encrypted and decrypted network traffic and connecting devices, including IoT, and distributes that intelligence throughout the network to stop attacks and drastically decrease the attack surface before a breach occurs.

 How do I purchase/deploy the Juniper Zero Trust Data Center solution?

Our team of experts is ready to assist you throughout the entire process, from start to finish. Contact our sales department for guidance and recommendations on the most suitable solutions for your business needs.